Today’s doodle is dedicated to the Japanese scientist who discovered green tea

Today’s doodle of Goodle is dedicated to Japanese scientist Michiyo Tsujimura. Today is the 133rd birth anniversary of Michio Sujimura, on the special occasion of which Google has presented its special doodle dedicated to him. In this Google Doodle you will see a female scientist who is Michio… doing research in the lab. Let me tell you, Michio Sujimura is known for inventing green tea. He was awarded the Agricultural Science Prize in Japan in 1956 for his in-depth studies on green tea.

As soon as you search for something this morning Google If you open the home page of Michiyo Tsujimura, you will get to see Google’s special doodle dedicated to Michiyo Tsujimura. In this doodle you will see a female scientist who is Michio… doing research in the lab. Along with them, things like a cup of green tea, happy green tea and notepad are depicted.

Michio Tsujimura was born on 17 September 1888 in Japan. After finishing his schooling, he decided that he wanted to make a career as a scientist. After graduation, she worked for a few years as a teacher and then as an assistant at Hokkaido Imperial University’s laboratory.

She then started work in another lab, this time under Dr. Umetaro Suzuki, a doctor of agriculture who is known for her discovery of Vitamin B1. Working under him, Sujimura, along with his assistant Sitaro Miura, discovered a natural source of vitamin C, which is green tea. Since this research, the export of green tea in America started increasing rapidly.

In 1932 she became a woman with a doctorate in agriculture from Tokyo Imperial University. In addition to her research, Dr. Sujimura made history as a teacher by becoming the Dean of the Faculty of Home Economics at Tokyo Women’s Higher Normal School.



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