Top 5 News: Why Irfan’s wife took Chhota Rajan’s name, Kangana gets jealous of Sonu Sood, read- Big news of entertainment

There was a lot of upheaval in the entertainment industry on Monday. Is Kangana jealous of Sonu Sood’s growing popularity, while Irrfan Khan’s wife Sutpa Sikdar had to take Chota Rajan’s name sadly? Know these news in more detail, if you have also missed the big news of Monday, then know in Entertainment Top 5.

Is Kangana jealous of Sonu Sood’s growing popularity, support of actor’s trollers

India is currently facing the second wave of Corona epidemic. Where all the time, news of someone’s death is coming out. Meanwhile, victims across the country are lacking in getting beds, oxygen concentrators in hospitals. Where now many Bollywood and TV artists are coming forward to help the common people. Meanwhile, in this fight, actor Sonu Sood, who has been engaged since last year, is also continuously helping people this year. While he is being praised all over the country, some people are also trolling him on social media.

Yes, recently Sonu Sood is also being trolled for an add containing oxygen concentrator. The poster of this ad was seen by Sonu Sood himself. In this, the price of oxygen concentrator machine was stated in millions. Sonu Sood is being trolled heavily for the same, where many people are trolling him on social media saying ‘cheater’ and ‘fraud’. Where many people are liking this tweet against the actor. There is also a name among them which has shocked everyone. Yes, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has also liked this tweet. Which it seems that the growing popularity of Sonu Sood has started troubling the actress.

Why did Irrfan Khan’s wife Sutpa Sikdar have to take the name of Chhota Rajan unhappily? Read the story of his post

Irrfan Khan, who has made everyone his fan with his acting, is no longer in this world. He died on 29 April last year while fighting cancer. He is now survived by his wife Sutpa Sikdar and his son Babil.

Irrfan’s wife is very active on social media and she openly shares her heart with Irfan and his fans. Sutpa fought for cancer with Irfan for almost two years. This fight made him very strong.

Radhe Dialogue Promo Out: Salman Khan asks children for help with this big task, Bhaijaan gets this answer

These days Salman Khan is constantly in discussion about his new film Radhe. While the release of films is constantly being postponed these days, Salman Khan has made full preparations to give Idi to his fans with the release of his film. Where today Salman Khan has released a dialogue promo from his film. Whom Salman Khan’s fans are giving a lot of love. Where Salman Khan has a different style in this promo.

In this film, Salman Khan is going to be seen ending the crime with the help of children. Where the actors are seen in their old style in the new dialogue promos of this film. Like he appeared in his film Wanted. This promo has been shared by Salman Khan himself on the official Instagram account of his production house. It is seen in this promo that Salman Khan is standing in front of the children in the style of ‘Radhe Bhai’ and says to them – ‘Students what is going on in this country, do you follow? Because of our failure, all of you had to struggle, help us so that we can help you.

Toofan Postpond: Farhan Akhtar’s film ‘Hurricane’ postponed; Makers take big decision considering Corona

Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar is currently in discussion about the film ‘Toofaan’, ready for his upcoming release. In such a situation, a big news has come about this actor’s film. It is reported that the release of this film has been postponed for a few days. (Toofan Postpond) The film team has taken this decision in view of the rising outbreak of Corona. The team of the film has posted an official post for this.

The director of this film Rakesh Omprakash Mehra is one of the well-known filmmakers. He too has given his consent to this decision regarding this film. Farhan was preparing for this film since last year. Where he recently completed the shooting of this film. But now, seeing the increasing cases in the Corona period, the film’s team has stopped the release of the film, saying that this decision is true. “

Big Help: Hrithik Roshan teamed up with Hollywood star Sean Mendes and Will Smith to add so many crores between Corona crisis

The way Kavid continues to wreak havoc in India, it seems that this orgy will be in shadow in India for many days, meanwhile, many stars of Bollywood and TV industry are helping hand towards the common people. Yes, India is getting help from all over the world. Meanwhile, Hrithik Roshan has also donated a sum of 15 thousand dollars in view of the crisis of this Kovid 19. Apart from Hrithik Roshan, many Hollywood stars are also joining this donation campaign.

Writer Jai Shetty has shared a post on social media sometime before now that Hrithik Roshan has recently donated some amount to Corona crisis along with many Hollywood stars. Apart from Hrithik Roshan, the list also includes Jamie Kern Lima, Brendon Burchard, Shawn Mendes, Will Smith. While doing this post, Jai Shetty has thanked all these stars. Let me tell you, where Hrithik Roshan has helped 11 lakh rupees. At the same time, if the donation of all these stars is merged, so far a total amount of Rs 27 crore has been added.

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