Top companies like to give jobs to the students of which colleges? i list

THE Employability Rankings tells that which colleges do top companies prefer to hire students from? In this, a list of top colleges of India and the world has been given.

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Which are the colleges from where it becomes easy to get a job in top companies after studying? You will get the answer to this question from the latest THE Rankings 2022. Times Higher Education has released the list of colleges in the country and the world which Jobs Are on top in terms of Where the biggest companies consider the students capable of a job in every way. Its name is- Global Employability Ranking. In this case, three Indian institutions have made it to the top 100 in the world. IIT Delhi is at number one.

However, compared to IIT Delhi 2021, it has slipped a notch down. Still it remains at number 1 in India. In 2021, where IIT Delhi was ranked 27th in the world in Employability Ranking, in 2022 its rank has become 28th. On the other hand, other Indian institutions have made progress at the world level.

There are top 250 universities in the world in this list. In these, the names of 7 institutions of India are there. Separate list of global and national level is given here.

Top 10 universities in the world in terms of jobs

rank 2022 rank 2021 university name Country
1 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) America
2 2 California Institute of Technology America
3 3 Harvard University America
4 4 cambridge university UK
5 5 Stanford University America
6 8 oxford university UK
7 6 the university of tokyo Japan
8 9 National University of Singapore Singapore
9 10 Princeton University America
10 7 Yale University America

Top 10 Universities in India for Jobs

rank 2022 rank 2021 university name
28 27 IIT Delhi
58 61 IISc Bangalore
72 97 IIT Bombay
154 162 IIM Ahmedabad
155 170 IIT Kharagpur
225 225 Amity University
242 248 Bangalore University

Universities from 44 countries of the world have made it to this list. India is at the 13th position with 7 institutes. India is ahead of countries like Sweden, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore in terms of the number of universities that make jobs after graduation. THE Employability Ranking 2022 View the ranking list of all 250 countries from

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According to the Times Higher Education Employability Ranking 2022 report, in one year in 2022, a total of about 8 lakh graduate students got Job Placement from these 250 universities. A total of 98,014 votes have been taken for this survey from employers across the world. They voted on the basis of which university teaches its students the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.