Training with Pakistan Airforce, eyes broke the dream, now it will give competition to India

Zimbabwean batsman Sikandar Raza was born in Sialkot, Pakistan and has trained with the Air Force. This player is a big threat to Team India.

Sikandar Raza is a big headache for KL Rahul

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Indian cricket team has to play its next series against Zimbabwe. Team India is training in Harare. The first ODI match is on 18 August. obviously got the upper hand team india But after defeating Bangladesh in ODI and T20 series, Zimbabwe is also full of enthusiasm. The reason for the biggest enthusiasm is that his senior batsman Sikandar Raza is in amazing form. This right-handed batsman is ready to take on Team India.

Sikander Raza trained with Pakistani Air Force

Sikandar Raza told that he has made preparations against Team India and now he just has to implement it. Let us tell you that Sikandar Raza is of Pakistani origin. He was born in Sialkot but the family settled in Zimbabwe and he played cricket for this country. Sikandar Raza did not want to become a cricketer like that. His dream was to become a fighter pilot. He wanted to join the Air Force but he could not do so because of his eyes.

Sikandar Raza trained with the Air Force

Let us tell you that Sikandar Raza trained with the Pakistani Air Force for three and a half years. However, he could not become a fighter pilot because he had trouble in his eyes. Sikandar Raza told that he benefited a lot by training with the Air Force. Sikandar Raza said, ‘The amount of time I spent in the Air Force made me mentally and physically strong. Those three and a half years were the most important moments of my life. Now when I look back, he has taken me forward as a human being.

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Raza’s eyes on Indian players

Sikandar Raza Told that he has made full preparations against Indian players. This player said that he has seen the video footage of every player, according to which the strategy has been prepared. Let us tell you that the biggest threat to Indian players is Sikandar Raza. This right-handed batsman has recently scored a century in two consecutive ODIs against Bangladesh. On 5 August, Raza had led Zimbabwe to victory by scoring an unbeaten 135 against Bangladesh. After this, Raza scored an unbeaten 117 to win the ODI series for Zimbabwe. Now Raza is preparing to take the news of Indian bowlers.