Tv Actress Suicide: Tv Actress Rashmirekha Ojha commits suicide, hangs herself from the fan

TV actress Rashmirekha Ojha committed suicide

The suicide of Oriya actress Rashmirekha Ojha has dealt a big blow to her fans. His father believes that he was not able to contact his daughter since Saturday.

Sunday was quite a shocking day for the Oriya entertainment industry. Because Odia TV actress Rashmirekha Ojha committed suicide in her house in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha. The police recovered his body from his house. Rashmirekha has given her life by hanging from the fan in the house. His body was found around 10.30 pm. Although the alleged suicide The reasons for the suicide are not yet known. But from the initial investigation, it is being said that Rashmirekha has taken this step regarding the matter of love. According to reports, the police have also found a suicide note of Rashmirekha.

hanged himself from the fan

Even though the reason for Rashmirekha’s suicide was not clear till the web, but her father has made serious allegations against her boyfriend. It is being said that Rashmirekha used to live in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend Santosh Patra. Her father says that when he tried to call Rashmirekha on Saturday, he neither picked up her phone nor called her. She lost contact with her daughter since Saturday and then her boyfriend Santosh informed her about Rashmirekha’s suicide.

Father targets boyfriend

Rashmirekha’s father has accused Rashmirekha’s boyfriend, saying that her boyfriend Santosh, with whom she lived as husband and wife, has forced their daughter to commit suicide. Although the suicide took place earlier, the Oriya actress’ father was unaware that his daughter lived in a live-in relationship. He got this information from the landlord of the house. However, till now there is no concrete evidence for the allegations made by him.

Boyfriend can be questioned

It has been written in the Odisha TV report that according to police sources, Rashmirekha, a resident of Tirtol area of ​​Jagatsinghpur, lived in a rented house with her boyfriend Santosh Patra for one and a half months. However, reportedly Santosh had moved out of Rashmirekha’s house in the past and started living separately. The police is probing the Rashmirekha suicide case from every angle and it is expected that they can interrogate the actress’s boyfriend as well. Cases of suicide in the entertainment industry have increased significantly in the last two years.