Tv9 Exclusive: Adivi Shesh is very impressed with the life of ‘Major Sandeep’, said- one percent of his spirit has come out in me

‘Major’ actors Shobhita Rana and Adivi Shesh have an exclusive conversation with TV9

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The film ‘Major’, made on the life of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, is now going to be released in theaters soon. People have been waiting for this patriotic film for a long time.

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s biopic ‘Major’ ,Major, Now it is going to be released soon. This film was scheduled to be released in theaters last year itself but due to Kovid its release was postponed. The trailer of this film is going to be released on May 9, about which the film’s hero Adivi Shesh himself. (Adivi Shesh) Shared it on Twitter. However, before the release of the trailer, Adivi Shesh had spoken to the country’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. (Rajnath Singh) Met him in Delhi and showed him the trailer. He unveiled a photoframe on which Major Sandeep’s slogan was written ‘Jaan Dunga, Desh Nahi Nahi’. This is going to be a very special film and TV9 Bharatvarsh journalist Jyoti Chaurasia had a special conversation with the actors of this special film Adivi Shesh and Shobhita Rana. Let’s know some unheard stories related to the film and Major Sandeep’s life in his own words-

All the changes that have come in you after playing this character, will you keep them with you for life?

Responding to this, Adivi Shesh said, of course, the life of Major Sandeep has always been a selfless life. He used to think about others then about himself. And maybe those are his last words. Don’t come up, I’ll handle them. These words tell us what kind of person he is and how he thinks about others. So playing the role of Major Sandeep has made me selfless. I am a normal person by default, so perhaps one percent of his spirit has come out in me.

Why only Major Sandeep? Was there something special that motivated you so much?

Adivi Shesh said that it was a personal relation. I grew up in San Francisco. So when the 26/11 attacks happened, I have seen their pictures, which are famous passport size photos of them. And I started wondering who are these people who look exactly like me. I have a lot of cousins ​​who look like him. Even her mother gave us permission because I look like her. After that I started researching his life. Then I became his fan and then I became his admirer and finally Major Sandeep.

Here’s a glimpse of Adivi Shesh’s meeting with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh-

It is a serious film but there must have been some funny moments while shooting on the sets of the film?

I would like to counter this as this is not a completely serious film. I think he has lived a very entertaining life. He used to be very happy. He loved movies. He was very positive even at the time of Taj’s mission. So I see him as the son of Surya because he has always given light to others, never gave darkness. This is not a dark film but it is a very bright film.

You played a bold character in ‘Made in Heaven’ but you are in a very serious role in this film, you must have faced some difficulties in doing it?

In response to this question, Shobhita Rana said that, the characters were very different but as a human being, I understand that Gref, I understand those feelings, I understand its curiosity. And according to that, I have played the character which has been given to me. And I was very much impressed because it is a film made on a real person. I have played this role by changing gender.

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So many films are being made on patriotism, so why should the audience watch this film of yours?

Films are being made on patriotism, this is absolutely true but this is not a marketing strategy. I think this is the honesty of the film. In the original I was supposed to make this film in Telugu but we have shot every shot and every scene in Hindi because our producer is Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu who advised us that this film is for Indians. This film is neither Telugu, nor Hindi, nor patriotic. None of these factors have been used for marketing.