Tv9 Exclusive: Father dies while shooting for ‘She’, Aditi Pohankar continues shooting

Actress Aditi Pohankar

After the success of the first and second seasons of ‘She’, now the audience is waiting for the third season of this season, but actress Aditi Pohankar, who played the role in this, also has no idea.

Aditi Pohankar debuted with Riteish Deshmukh in the Marathi film “Laya Bhaari”. Today his web series “She” (She 2) Netflix has become one of the most watched web series in the world. From America, London to small countries, this series is also being seen. In a special conversation with tv9 Bharatvarsh about the success of his web series Aditi Pohankar ,Aditi Pohankar) said that I feel very happy seeing this love of people. This shoot lasted for about 9 months and just like common people face difficulties in life, I also lost my father during this time but the way it is said that “show must go on” in the same way I also Worked. Time was challenging but did not give up. And now that hard work is paying off.

Aditi Pohankar was seen in a different style in the web series “She”, see the photo here

After the death of her father, Aditi moved ahead while taking care of herself.

When asked how difficult it is to shoot for a character like Bhumi after Papa’s departure, Aditi said, “I consider giving excuses a sign of cowardice. I had a personal loss after my father’s departure, but it made me stronger. When my father passed away, I remember my father said, “I know it will be difficult but you are strong, you have that courage. It was because of him that I was able to move forward without stopping.”

Bhumi’s character is quite complex

Responding to how the role of role in the web series “She” has affected Aditi’s personality, Aditi said, “Yes it was a very tough role, as an actor whenever you play a character So they are a part of you somewhere. Something similar happened with Bhoomi too, while doing the role of Bhoomi, I used to feel as if I am the Bhoomi. The way this character is written, it cannot happen that it does not affect your personality. Personally speaking, it took me some time to come out of Bhumi’s character. But at one point I realized that instead of going deeper into this character, I have to stop it here.”

Aditi was impressed because of Bhumi’s character

Aditi further said that I felt that this is happening too much for me now, I have become too serious about the land. Especially in the second season because a lot is going on with Bhumi. There is so much going on in her mind that it is impossible for anyone not to be impressed at all. I still remember that one night I woke up with shock because I had seen Bhoomi in my dream and I thought I was Bhoomi. I didn’t know it was just a dream, I would say I felt a conscious present of the character who was with me. So yes, it affected me to that extent.