Tv9 Exclusive: For years, this famous production designer has been making Bigg Boss house, said – it was challenging..

Omung is the set designer of both Kumar and his wife. Umang Kumar not only designs the set of Bigg Boss Hindi but also Bigg Boss Marathi.

Umang Kumar

Famous film director and production designer for many years Big Boss Been designing the set. During a special conversation with Tv9, he had said that last year only his wife Vinita had said that this year he will build a Bigg Boss house on the circus theme and with this thought, he has made a happy, full of enthusiasm, colorful house. . Umang Kumar said that “Anyway we see that the contestants sometimes behave like clowns and sometimes as ringmasters, sometimes people see them and ask if the circus is going on, so this time we made a circus.”

Know what Umang Kumar has to say

Umang Kumar further said, “This is my circus, a death well has been made in it, for the first time we have used mesh. There is a balcony on the set. There is a horse of 25 feet, a lounge area has been made under it. We made a bedroom instead of a living room, a kitchen instead of a bedroom, moved everything around. However, Umang Kumar himself does not even know what game Big Boss will play on this set.

It was quite challenging to make a circus set.

Talking about the challenges that are coming with designing this set, Umang Kumar says, “There are challenges, because coming up with a new theme every year, we have done jungle, clubhouse, water all. Now after doing everything, what will you do new, it is always a question. When the circus theme was decided, I initially thought it would be easy, because my office is also colorful like this. But when we started, we faced every challenge, because we have seen circus in our childhood, we have brought that circus on this set.”

The set of Big Boss coming in many languages ​​has been designed

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Omung is the set designer of both Kumar and his wife. Umang Kumar Not only Big Boss Hindi but also the set of Big Boss Marathi designs. He also designed sets for many more languages. The set of the fourth season of Bigg Boss Malayalam was also designed by Omung Kumar.