Tv9 Exclusive: Home for me means a place where nothing is judged – Anshuman Malhotra

Anshuman Malhotra

Lionsgate play has forayed into the world of Indian content. He has recently released an interesting web series named “Feels Like Home” on his OTT platform.

,Lionsgate Play‘ (Lionsgate Play) web series “Feels Like Home” has now been released. This web series narrates the interesting story of the boys who have settled a new home with their friends away from home. Even though in the web series “Feels Like Home” we see the struggle of friends to find the right home, but in real life, actor Anshuman Malhotra, who is seen in the lead role of this series. He did not face difficulties to find his home because he has shifted to Mumbai with his family. Although his house was away from the shooting location, he had to leave the family home and shift to the Andheri area of ​​Mumbai and today Anshuman lives with his girlfriend.

Know what is Anshuman’s character

In an exclusive conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh, he said that home should be such a place, where no judgment can be made about you. There should be no restriction of anything, no lies, you can live as you want, do whatever you want to do, don’t be afraid of anything, there is a real home for me. Let us tell you, Feel Like Home is the story of 4 boys, Anshuman is playing the character of Sameer in this series, who is very calm, disciplined among all the boys, he is also a poet. As a child, his father never praised him for his poems, which he expected. Because of this a fear has settled in his mind.

Anshuman likes the discipline of his character

Talking about his character, Anshuman further says that “Because of the fear in Samir’s mind, he always thinks that everyone will tell him that his poems are not good at all. But how Sameer will be able to overcome his fear, it can be seen by the audience in this series. Anshuman likes Sameer’s discipline in his character. Because this character works hard for whatever he wants to do.

Very interesting this web series

Regarding his series, Anshuman says that the fun keeps on going with the youth. But this show is not just about fun. It is about much bigger things than that. In this you will get to know how a boy goes from teenage to his adulthood. How he grows up, how he faces his difficulties every day.