Tv9 Exclusive: I will never apologize, even if hanged – the director said on the poster controversy of ‘Innocent question’

The film is being opposed after the controversial poster of the film ‘Innocent Question’. Let us tell you, this film directed by director Santosh Upadhyay has been released.

The director spoke on the poster controversy of ‘Innocent Question’

Film released on August 5 ‘Innocent question’ The protest started about it is still going on, some organizations have even threatened the director of the film. Actually, in a poster of this film, a photo of Lord Krishna along with many actors is seen on the sanitary pad. This is the reason that after this poster, director Santosh Upadhyay is being accused of hurting religious sentiments. In an exclusive conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh, Santosh Upadhyay, director of the film ‘Innocent Question’, spoke openly.

Know what Santosh Upadhyay has to say

Santosh Upadhyay said, “We had no idea that there would be such a ruckus regarding the poster of Innocent Question. Because that was not our aim. Our film is not a commercial film. We want to give a message through this film. The theme and story of our film is menstruation. The poster we released while making a film on this subject was not planned at all. When it was made, we thought that shaping the pad like this would make people aware of the concept of the film but this kind of controversy would happen, we didn’t expect any such thing.”

Watch the trailer of the film ‘Innocent question’ here

Santosh Upadhyay will not apologize

Santosh Upadhyay has categorically refused to apologize for the ongoing controversy due to the poster of the film. Santosh Upadhyay says that “I will never apologize in life, even if I am hanged for this. Right now Krishna ji is visible over the pad here, but in the film, we have allowed idol touch during menstruation. The theme of our film is how menstruation is inauspicious. So when our basis is the same, the entire film is 2 hours 25 minutes film, which has been certified by the censor board, any person of any age can watch this film.

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Some people are opposing the film

ahead Santosh Upadhyay says That “contractors of some religion are opposing this film., doing it completely arbitrary. The objection to Kali is understandable. But if we talk about our poster, then Krishna is in the hands of Lord Nitanshi (the film’s actress) if we look at this poster in a big way. It is being made into controversy without any reason.