Tv9 Exclusive: It took Atul Kulkarni 10 years to get the rights of Lal Singh Chaddha

Aamir Khan and Atul Kulkarni became friends during the film Rang De Basanti released in 2006. Today, Atul is seen in the lead role in his film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’.

Atul Kulkarni in getting the rights of Lal Singh Chaddha

Talented who won hearts of people with his strong acting Actor Atul Kulkarni Now he has become a writer. Atul has written the script and screen play of Bollywood’s famous film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ to be released tomorrow. In a special conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh, Atul spoke openly about his film, Aamir Khan and his writing debut. Atul said that I had never thought that I should write a film, 14 years ago there was a discussion between me and Aamir. We were talking at a party about which movies are good, then ‘Forrest Gump’ was mentioned in it.

It took 10 years to make a film written in 10 days

Further Atul said that “That thing ended there. I reached home. During this, I had a shoot in the outdoors, which got canceled. I had 10-15 days to watch Forrest Gump’s DVD once again. Seeing this, I felt that it can be made in Hindi. I started writing to him. Until this film was completed in 10 days by writing, I had no idea whether I could write a film or whether it could be a script or not.

Aamir Khan did not read the script because of this

Aamir Khan took 2 years to listen to this story written by Atul. Talking about this, Atul said that “I called Aamir immediately after writing the script but for 2 years when Aamir did not read my script. Then I asked him, brother, when would you like to hear my script, after listening to me, Aamir said that I want to confess to you why I do not want to listen to this script. You are not a writer, this is your first time writing a script. You are a very good friend of mine, if you have written very poorly then I will say no, then you will feel bad.

Time taken to get the rights of the film

After listening to Aamir Khan, Atul assured him that “he will not mind at all if Aamir says no because he is not a writer but when he narrated this story to Aamir, Aamir immediately said yes but to get the rights of this film. Took them 10 years. During this conversation, he was also asked questions on the box office performance of Bollywood films.

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Atul has full faith

Talking about people’s inclination towards South’s films and Bollywood films that flop, Atul said that this is not my subject, I am not an expert in this. I don’t know much about this so I won’t be able to tell what’s going on but as far as Lal Singh Chaddha The question is, I am sure that people will like this film very much. This is a very beautiful story of a beautiful person of a beautiful country.