TV9 Exclusive: Mahalakshmi Iyer advises lyricists to work hard on lyrics, also remembers Lata Mangeshkar and Bappi Da

Mahalakshmi Iyer is a talented singer of Bollywood, there is no doubt about it. Whenever she sings on stage, people are forced to dance after hearing her voice. Something similar was also seen in the ongoing Hunar Haat in Puducherry. After his performance on stage, he had an exclusive conversation with TV9 Bharatvarsh. You can read excerpts from that conversation here…

Singer Mahalaxmi Iyer

Image Credit source: Hunar Haat

Indian cinema (Indian Cinema) Famous Singer Mahalaxmi Iyer (Mahalaxmi Iyer) He has always won the hearts of people with his melodious singing. Although Mahalakshmi Iyer has lent her voice to songs in many languages, but if you follow the music of Hindi films, then you must know that Mahalakshmi Iyer is one of the great musical talents of the country. Mahalaxmi has sung many hit songs like ‘Desh Rangeela’ from ‘Fanaa’, ‘Aaj Ki Raat’ from ‘Don’, ‘Kabhi Sham Dhale’ from ‘Sur’ and ‘Bol Na Halke Halke’ from ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’. Decorated with. running in puducherry Hunar Haat (Hunar Haat) Mahalakshmi Iyer made the audience’s evening even more pleasant with her songs on the stage. meanwhile he (Mahalaxmi Iyer Interview) He also had a special conversation with TV9 Bharatvarsh, in which he openly expressed his opinion on the changes in music and the songs of today. Along with this, he also remembered the late Lata Mangeshkar and Bappi Lahiri.

How do you see your musical journey in Bollywood?

Mahalakshmi Iyer said- I love getting very good songs and got a chance to work with very talented people. As everyone knows that I have sung songs in many languages. These include not only film but also non-film songs. During this, I got an opportunity to work with big people, whether they are artists, music directors, lyricists, directors and producers. My journey like this has been great. Whether this journey was successful or not, I cannot say, only my audience can tell. As an artist, I feel very happy that I have done some good work.

It is said that according to the kind of singer you are, you should have got more work. Do you feel that injustice has been done to you in Bollywood or do you have any regrets about it?

“Yes, I also feel that I might not get songs according to my talent. For what reason they were not found, I do not know. Sometimes such a period comes, which are the songs of that era, in which we cannot fit in, so that was also such a period. It has been a thing of our industry that when an artist becomes famous, everyone runs after him. Yes, so it seems to me that I did not get the songs that I wanted to sing. But one thing I would definitely like to say that the songs that I have sung were written for me. Music directors who always used to say to me that we have composed this song keeping you in mind. Then whether it is of Hindi, Bengali or Tamil. This is a matter of great pleasure for me.”

“Usually now only songs are made. Earlier, when songs were made, they were made keeping in mind Asha ji and Lata ji. Now songs are made and then singers are taken in it, so I have also been one of those singers for whom special songs were made, I am happy with this.

Singer Mahalaxmi Iyer

Now a new era of music has come. Entire generations have shifted. How do you see this change in the music industry?

“Not only now, even before when I started, the songs that were made were different, their style was different and that era was different. When we used to talk to Lata ji or Asha ji and those who were singers of that era, they used to tell that it was like this in our era. After that the generation that came again Kavita ji, Alka ji, then their era was different. So just as the trends keep changing, so does the music. Our era was different.”

“Technology is in more use now. In the songs that are made, live instruments will be heard a little less and those which are synthetic or technology based, they are heard more. We will call it progress in the form of technology, because in earlier times it did not happen, because that technology did not allow. Just as it is not necessary for a male or female singer to sing together, the chorus portion could be dubbed later, but in earlier times it had to be done all at once. There are a lot of facilities now. The sound is different. The style of the song has changed because today’s generation, culture and way of thinking have also changed. I am also singing the songs of today. The style has changed according to today’s era.

Now the feel of songs due to machines is disappearing from music and singing. It is said that now even the innocent are made into melodic machines. Do you think this is a loss for the music industry?

“You are right, when male and female used to record a song standing together, the magic was different. While singing, you do not look at each other, but somewhere it is felt that what they are going to say, how they are going to sing. Perhaps there is no give and take thing in today’s songs, but now it is there that there are producers, directors, lyricists or musicians, who tell that if this should happen, then he manages somewhere in it. I would definitely like to say one thing that yes, I am sure of one thing that technology supports us so much that we take great advantage of it. When we started, we were told that no, you have to learn more. It was said over and over again.”

Continuing his point further, Mahalakshmi Iyer said- “However, when you used to sing outside, everyone used to say that you are ready. Those who are knowledgeable sitting in the studio used to tell us that no, you have to be more prepared now. So that’s why then used to prepare more and do Riyaz. But in today’s era, technology helps that you can correct the tone. I would say that technology is fine. Use whatever technology there is to make the song better. If the technology is not used much, then I will definitely say that we will get a little better quality and the feel of the song will definitely get brighter.

The scale of the songs being hit in the past and the songs of today being hit has changed. Songs of today do not age much. People forget songs, forget singers. Where do you think songs are lacking nowadays?

“Actually, times have changed a lot, because earlier films were not made as much, televisions were not so much. Now there are thousands of channels of television. do you have Internet. You have all the facilities because of the internet. So the singers who are in the street, they are getting up and coming out and this is a good thing. In the earlier times, it was very difficult for people to move from a small town to a place like Mumbai and make their career by settling here. Now there is no need to do that. Wherever you are, why not in any corner of the country, you can record and send songs and that song can become famous. This is a good thing.”

“In a country whose numbers are so large, those whom we never could hear, are now able to hear them too. This is a good thing, but at the same time it is because of this that many singers are getting away from the attention of the people. There are now 10 to 12 girls to sing a song as compared to earlier. In such a situation, only one singer will get songs to sing. I look at it in a positive way because there are so many hidden talents of our country, which are coming out now.”

Mahalaxmi Iyer In Hunar Haat

The singer further said- “As for the age of songs, so many movies are coming out, there are series, there are so many things on the internet, so it is obvious that when there are so many things to read and listen to, then you have to get everything so much. Will not remember Yes, the age of songs is shorter now than before. Personally, if I say one thing, the thing that bothers me is that I feel lack in the lyrics that I have today. We still remember the lyrics of the earlier times, they are not in today’s era. I think a little attention should be given to the lyrics, because a little more effort can be put into the lyrics.”

Two stalwarts like Lata ji and Bappi Da passed away recently. Two stars from the industry left us. In a way, a chapter is over. You will have many memories with these two legends, so how do you see them. Want to share something?

Remembering Bappi Lahiri, Mahalakshmi Iyer said- “Unfortunately, I never sang any song for Bappi Da. I have definitely met him, but it is sad that I never got any chance to sing for him. This regret will always remain in my heart. He has been a very dynamic kind of composer. He has composed all kinds of songs. He is called disco king, but he also has melodious romantic songs, which are quite famous. He will always be known for his songs. His pop and disco songs will always be played in parties, but the spirit in his composition will be remembered for years.

Remembering Swara Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar, Mahalakshmi said – “What should I say about Lata ji. The day Lata ji passed away, I was crying in roar like I lost my parents again. There was a very emotional attachment with him. We did not even know that such a passionate attachment would remain with him. I have grown up listening to his songs. Learned so much from him. He is a very virtuous singer, he had said that we learned so much from him without paying any fees. How true is this, because knowingly or unknowingly we have learned a lot from his songs, so many respects to him. A singer like her will not come even after many years, because the way she used to play a song, the way she used to make connections with her audience, hardly anyone else will be able to. Artists like him are very hard to find. Artists like him do not become Bharat Ratna just like that.

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