TV9 Exclusive: ‘More talented actor than Akshay-Bhoomi’, know why Anand chose both?

Fans are eagerly waiting to see Akshay Kumar and Bhumi’s film Rakshabandhan. Bhumi Pednekar is excited to work again with Akshay Kumar after five years.

Aanand L Rai and Bhumi Pednekar

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Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar starrer film Raksha Bandhan is knocking in theaters tomorrow i.e. on August 11. Akshay’s fans are very excited about this film. The story of the film is based on the loving relationship between brothers and sisters. The film Raksha Bandhan is directed by Aanand L Rai. Aanand L Rai People know it to show the story of the common man on the big screen. Whether Aanand L Rai will be able to touch the hearts of the audience through this upcoming film, it will be known only tomorrow. TV9 Bharatvarsh had a special conversation with Aanand L Rai and Bhumi Pednekar about the film. Some interesting excerpts from this conversation…

There are more talented actors than Akshay and Bhumi…

Aanand L Rai has said one thing about Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar. Aanand L Rai says that there are many better actors than Akshay and Bhumi, but there was a special reason behind the casting of these two actors.

Aanand L Rai said- “I think whoever watches this film will understand that no one could have done this film except Akshay and Bhumi. The reason for this is not only that he is the best actor. There will be better actors than him, but I have seen such a beautiful heart with very few actors. He says that a director has his own needs, he knows where he can fall short, so I might have worked on some performance even then. I can’t clean people’s hearts. So these people with clean hearts were very important to narrate the story of Raksha Bandhan.”

Akshay and Bhumi’s reunion after five years

Bhumi Pednekar is very happy about this upcoming film. Bhumi talked about working with Akshay Kumar again and celebrating Raksha Bandhan with her sister. Bhumi Pednekar said- “Me and Akshay sir are reuniting once again after five years. Our film Toilet Ek Prem Katha was released on August 11, 2017 and Raksha Bandhan is releasing exactly five years later. We came to know about this ourselves a few days back, when we were promoting Raksha Bandhan in London. I am very confident. When Aanand sir’s direction, Kanika-Himanshu writing, Yeh Char Bahane and Akshay sir in a film, it will be an iconic film for me. Seeing the way Anand sir presents his girls, I am very confident that my character will definitely make a difference.”

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How Bhumi Pednekar celebrates Raksha Bandhan?

Bhumi has no real brother. They are two sisters. When Bhumi was asked how she celebrates Raksha Bandhan, the actress said- We are two sisters. We either used to post Rakhi to those who are our cousin brothers or they used to come home. But my sister and I started tying Rakhi to each other from a very young age. When we were young, we did not know what festival it was, but we used to be curious about the gifts we get from parents. When we grew up, it was realized that our parents started this tradition so that there would be a strong bond between us. Wherever we are, but on Raksha Bandhan, both of us sisters feel connected to each other.