TV9 Exclusive: When ‘Thalaivi’ director told Bhagyashree – I have to gain weight…

Bollywood actress Bhagyashree has been ruling millions of hearts ever since the audience saw her on the silver screen in the film Maine Pyar Kiya. Not only his performance, but his innocence, beauty and respect for others, his behavior always touched everyone’s heart. Bhagyashree, who got stardom from her debut film ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’, did many films after this film, but she could not make her mark and got away from the film world for the sake of family.

Now after almost 11 years, Bhagyashree has returned to the screen of Hindi cinema, where she has once again worked her magic. Bhagyashree’s film ‘Thalaivi’ was released recently. In this film, Bhagyashree plays Sandhya, mother of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. The film was not only appreciated, but Bhagyashree’s performance was also highly appreciated. Bhagyashree had a special conversation with us, in which he shared his experience and many stories related to the film from returning to the screen after so many years. Let us know what Bhagyashree said in this question-and-answer session…

Question – How was your experience with ‘Thalaivi’?

Answer – It is always very difficult, when a film is made on someone’s autobiography, how do you live up to it. The character you are playing, its expressions, its hopes, its disappointments, life, its habits which they do in everyday life, all those things should be exact. Research was very important for him. The director did a lot of research for this. The director tried to fulfill what he explained. Whatever character he has played in this film, he has lived up to it. Perhaps this is the reason why this film reached the people and it was highly appreciated.

Bhagyashree Thalaivii

Question – What did you do differently to get into the role of Jayalalithaa’s mother Sandhya?

Answer – Of course, tried to find out what kind of relationship Jayalalithaa and her mother Sandhya had. How were their expressions? Right now we can do Google research, but there was very little information about Sandhya ji. There was no internet at that time, it was a long time ago. So I had to believe the things that the director told me. Not only this, it was revealed from Jayalalithaa’s interviews that what was her feeling towards her mother or what was her mother’s influence on her life.

Question – How was the chemistry of you and Kangana Ranaut on the sets?

Answer – I think Kangana Ranaut is a very respectable person. I also teach this to my children. When we used to work earlier, meet veteran actors on set to greet them, greet them or say bye before leaving the set, give respect to everyone on the set. So was Kangana. She used to say hello to me as soon as she came on the set. We used to do scenes together. She was also very patient. Once my make-up was going on, so it was not that let’s hurry up and finish the scene. It all happened very well, there was no problem of any kind. The director was also very calm. When the captain of the ship is of calm nature, then the whole team becomes the same.

Question – How did you get the offer of ‘Thalaivi’ and how hard did you work for your character?

Answer – I got the offer of ‘Thalaivi’ through my agents. Director Vijay sir had come to the house, he explained the whole story. The only problem was that Sandhya ji was a slightly overweight woman, but I am not like that. Vijay sir said ma’am will you gain some weight? I thought at that time that the fans I have, who watch Instagram, who follow me.. they all tell me that we follow you because you are so fit.

Bhagyashree further said- I have listened to the role and the role is also good, everything else is also good, where did I go but how do I gain weight. Those are very difficult. Especially at the age of one’s age, because when you are young, you can increase or decrease the weight, but at this age it becomes very difficult to lose weight. This also affects health. I told him that it is very difficult, but we will take the help of other clothes and gestures. How does a heavy woman walk, how does she move? We will manage accordingly. So a huge change was seen on the screen. I give credit to the costume department that they have done very well padding in the blouse which looked very natural.

Actress Bhagyashree

Referring to a scene in the film, Bhagyashree said – There was a scene where I had to walk. Although I walk very fast but I was walking slowly for the shoot. The director immediately said the cut. I asked what happened. He said that I thought you are stumbling or you have felt it. Then I told them that no, a woman weighing no sir will walk a little slowly. Walk a little faster like me. So just that as an actor, you have to bring some gestures. You have to do small things to play a character.

Question – How excited are you to be seen in ‘Radhe Shyam’ after ‘Thalaivi’?

Answer – ‘Radhe Shyam’ is scheduled to release in January. I had to do a lot of preparations for the character I play in ‘Radhe Shyam’. This is a character like this, which I have never played before on screen. For this character, I had to prepare for many days. Apart from this, before ‘Radhe Shyam’, my two more projects are going to start from November. Their shooting will also start. There are many things. I think I will be seen on screen for a long time next year. I want that after so many years, if the audience sees me on the screen, then my form should be different in everything, so that the audience’s interest remains.

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