TV9 INSIDER: In order to humiliate the enemies, America is engaged in the ruckus of a $ 500 million military deal with India!

US President Joe Biden.

Image Credit source: AFP

In the case of Russia and Ukraine, India did not listen to America. Even after this, America today is restless to do a military deal of $ 500 million with India without asking for it. After all, what is the magic that India has cast on America, which is itself busy running towards India?

War broke out between Russia Ukraine (Russia Ukraine ConflictDue to the threat of India’s footsteps, the world has understood that today’s India is not going to move forward on someone else’s crutches. Russia Ukraine (Russia UkraineIndia has proved that at present there is no other match in the world of diplomatic, political, foreign policy and strategic approach like India. Third World War (World WarEven in the Russia-Ukraine war standing on the verge of ) India did not let its feet waver from the path of restraint and peace.

Even if the forces like America, Britain have been crying about India’s footsteps, no matter how much. India did what was in her heart-o-mind. India did not come under any provocation. The culmination of all these adamant and steadfast steps of India is in front of us today that Pakistan, tired of India’s foreign policy, remained silent, China was very worried and America and Britain.Britain) have reached the state of misery. So America (America) then Russia (RussiaSeeing India’s strong attitude towards it, he has bent his neck breathlessly towards his feet.

America understood that India is arbitrary

Knowing that engaging with India or threatening India always has the opposite effect. Therefore, America, who was convinced of India’s strategic policy under compulsion, has now come down to play an astonishing bet to trouble China and Russia. If the Indian government mixes its steps in this move of America, then understand that America will kill many victims with one arrow. India is sure to get the biggest benefit of America’s move on hunting many countries simultaneously. This is the only multiplication-mathematics whose calculations are not understood by Russia, China and Pakistan, on which side they should lie down now.

America’s trouble

According to a Bloomberg report, India is the country that buys the most weapons from Russia in the world. Whereas by selling arms and oil and gas, America is also forced to feed itself like Russia. In such a situation, how can America digest the fact that India, with its billions and trillions of hard-earned money to buy weapons, only and only America’s arch enemy and its only trusted friend, continues to fill the treasury of Russia. In such a situation, America has bought the headache of reducing India’s tremendous dependence on weapons on Russia sitting at home.

$500 million deal question

Under this, America is moving towards strengthening its defense cooperation with India. Bloomberg’s report further says that soon America is moving towards implementing a huge defense deal with India. It will depend on India whether it gives green signal to this US $ 500 million military aid package under consideration or not. If India approves this move of America, then understand that after Israel and Egypt, India will become the largest country to receive such military package aid from America. At the moment it is difficult to say how much relaxation has been given by India to take this step of America.

the effect of your own

What weapons will America provide in this special military aid package if India agrees? It is not decided yet. The thing to think about here is that when India did not utter a word in condemning Russia for the attack on Ukraine by Russia. Then America is sitting on the eyelids to offer such a big military deal to India. Whereas Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan came to Russia on one night and threw his feet, Pakistanis ate his chair. America has threatened Imran Khan many times while sleeping and waking up for that ill-fated Russian trip. By saying that don’t move towards Russia, if you turn towards there, then we ie America will stop your grain of water.

Twelve from every side of India

It is clear that by getting such a special package of military assistance to the Indian Army with respect. Helpless in front of the situation, America is only dreaming of humiliating its enemy countries China and Russia. Due to which India is sure to benefit. Because India has been making big arms deals with Russia till now. He will do it again. Even if America, staying in its position, provides a military defense package to India at a reasonable price and India approves it, then what is the harm in it? It is clear that the current US President Joe Biden administration is trying to make India its long-term security partner.

Inexplicable question before America

Yes, it is also necessary to mention this question that the biggest challenge for America will be in taking this step that how will it provide fighter jets, battle tanks, naval ships to India in this special military aid package? Because America wants to join by supplying India in any one of these areas. Bloomberg also contacted the Indian Ministry of External Affairs for comment regarding all these news. From there but till now he could not get any answer. It is important to mention here that, in the last decade, India has bought military equipment worth about $ 4 billion from America and more than $ 25 billion from Russia. This is the situation of America when after the attack on Ukraine by Russia, America was very upset with India’s stand.

America-Russia livelihood

Directly indirectly, America had also tried unsuccessfully to look at India with a prying eye. But India’s strength and strategic, global policy did not allow its pulse to rot. But today America, soaking up its bad times or the exclusivity of time, has understood that, without going together with India, it is not that easy to burn even its stove. As easily as he keeps shining his kingdom in the eyes of the world by stirring up countries like Pakistan. America understands the difference between India and Pakistan well. That is why he put a veil of desire to humiliate his enemy Russia. In any case, it is eager to make this hefty deal of arms with India at the earliest.