Tweet direct to CEO Sundar Pichai to reset Gmail password, many funny replies received

Companies from small to large establish tech support for their users, where people find solutions to their problems. Perhaps you will do something similar when you forget your Gmail password. However, not one Indian Gmail user did this. Twitter user @ Madhan67966174 wrote a tweet directly to Google CEO Sundar Pichai after he forgot his Gmail password. The user responded to a tweet by Pichai, asking for help to reset the password.

Indeed, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, tweeted a tweet announcing funding of Rs 135 crore by the company to UNICEF and non-profit institute Give India to face the second wave of COVID-19. However, an Indian user probably saw this tweet as an excellent opportunity to find a solution to their problem and sought help from the Google CEO to reset their Gmail password. The user wrote (translated) “Hello, Sir. How are you? I need help with gmail id passovers. I have forgotten how to reset the password. Please help me. “

Now, the response to this help from Google Boss was not received, but there was a huge Dilsup reply by many other users. One user (@vaidyab) wrote, (translated) “Pichai is in the US right now and when travel restrictions are lifted he will meet Madhan in person and help him reset the password.”

Another user called Madhan as God. He said that because of his (Madhan) tweet, there was a smile in the face of the people, when Indians are facing this serious situation.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time Madhan has asked for help from Pichai. On February 17, 2020, she wrote a tweet to Pichai, where she had similarly sought help to reset the Gmail password.<!–



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