Twitter Indian Competitor Koo Integrates ChatGPT to Help Users Create Posts

Microblogging site Twitter’s Indian rival Koo has integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This will help users to create posts. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence bot that can generate content when prompted. Its popularity is increasing rapidly in the tech industry.

Mayank Bidawatka, Koo’s co-founder, told Reuters that users would be able to draft posts on various topics with the help of ChatGPT inside the app. “Users can ask it about trending news in their area and write their views,” he added. Last week, tech giants Microsoft and Google announced their generative AI chatbots, which will be able to gather information from across the internet in response to searches. Snap Inc, the owner of photo messaging app Snapchat, has also introduced a chatbot that has been trained to respond in a fun way.

Bidawatka said that integrating technology with the ability to create post Koo The first would be the platform. For this, users will be able to type their signals into the ChatGPT tool or use Koo’s voice command feature. About 20 percent of Koo’s users create content on the app, and the ChatGPT integration will help increase this figure. This feature will initially be given to verified accounts on Koo and later it will be available to all users.

Twitter is facing tough competition from the Koo app. Last year, Koo became the second largest microblogging platform in terms of user downloads. It is the only Indian platform to compete with platforms like Gettr, Truth Social, Mastodon and Parler. Koo has introduced four new features for the users. features were started. These include the ability for users to upload up to 10 profile pictures, save, schedule and draft a Koo post. Koo post is like a tweet. Koo users will be able to schedule a post at a later date and time. This will allow a large post to be scheduled in parts at different times, thereby filling up the feed of a user’s followers less. Elon Musk, chief executive of electric car maker Tesla, bought Twitter late last year. <!–


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