Two arrested for posing as a federal agent in America, one claims links with Pakistani intelligence agency ‘ISI’

Man arrested in America claims ties to ISI

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America Pakistan ISI Link: Two people have been arrested in America, one of whom has claimed links with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

America (AmericaFederal Agent in (Federal AgentOne of the two accused pretending to be a Pakistani intelligence agency (Pakistan Investigation Agency) and also has visas to travel to Pakistan and Iran. The federal prosecutor gave this information on Thursday. On Wednesday, 40-year-old Ariane Tahirzadeh and 35-year-old Haider Ali were arrested. The FBI raided a luxury apartment in southeast Washington where the two were staying.

They were offering free apartments and other gifts to US Secret Service agents and officers. During a court appearance on Thursday, Assistant US Attorney Joshua Rothstein said Ali told witnesses that he had links with the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) in Pakistan and had visas from Pakistan and Iran. Several months later, prosecutors began to believe he was masquerading as US law enforcement officials.

Hand gun and rifle recovered in search

Rothstein said prosecutors were convinced the two were attempting to be favored by the US federal agency and to unite with those who serve in the US defense community. When the police searched, intoxicants, hand guns and assault rifles were also found from them. During the court appearance, Assistant US Attorney Joshua said that Ali had identified himself as an ISI affiliate. Before he was suspected, he already had visas from two countries, Pakistan and Iran.

traveled to the middle east several times

He told that America still has not got complete information related to Ali. But investigators believe Ali has traveled to the Middle East several times. His US travel records show that he had been to Istanbul, Turkey and Doha in Qatar. Others living in the building say that the accused have several apartments here.

Camera and cell phone access

They were also monitoring residents’ cameras, cell phones and other important information. It was later revealed that many people living in the building were associated with the US intelligence agency FBI, Secret Service and DHS. The FBI has found surveillance equipment, high-power telescopes and a binder containing information about the people of the building.

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