Uber introduces new features for riders and drivers to make trips easier at airports more details

Uber, a company providing ride services, has launched new service features for its users. These features have been introduced keeping in mind both the riders and the drivers. This includes everything from reserve rides to map features. It is said that these features have been added to make airport travel more convenient. Let us tell you the complete details of these new features.

Uber Has added new features to its interface for riders and drivers. Due to which traveling to the airport will now become even easier for the users. of our partner website Report As per the new features, riders can now reserve rides up to 90 days in advance. That means now you can book your ride even three months in advance. The company is working on pickup and drop zones at airports. at the same time uber On the app, users will now also get a step by step guide to find their way. So that he can easily reach the pickup zone above.

Actual photos of the airport will also be shown in this guide so that the user can easily reach the pickup zone. This feature has been started at 13 busiest airports in the country. Apart from this, at select airports, the user will also be told the walking distance from the gate to the pickup zone, so that he will not have any problem in reaching the pickup zone.

Users will now be able to share their plan with Uber via email. This will make pre-planning a trip very easy. Because the rider will now be able to pre-book. At the same time, information about the rides already booked for a flight will also be available on the app. With the help of this feature, there will be no problem in booking at the last moment.

Apart from this, the Uber Reserve feature has also been added to it, in which the user can book a ride up to 90 days in advance. This will also facilitate the drivers and they will be able to plan the charge and time for their ride in advance. The company has also talked about improving driver support for airport trips. Now users will be able to see waiting times at airports in the Uber Driver app. At that time how many cabs are in line, it will also be known. This will also help the driver in his trip planning.


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