Uber rides can be booked through WhatsApp, no need to download the app

Cab services company Uber and WhatsApp have announced a partnership. With this, Uber ride book in the country can be booked through WhatsApp. There is no need to download or use the Uber app to book a ride. This is Uber’s first partnership with WhatsApp of its kind worldwide. In this, from the registration of the user to booking the ride, it will be done inside the WhatsApp chat interface.

It has just been started in Lucknow on a trial basis and after that this facility will be made available in other cities of the country. Nandini Maheshwari, Senior Director (Business Development), APAC, Uber, said, “We want to make traveling with Uber as easy as possible for Indians. For this, we need to connect with them on the most used platforms. Is.”

WhatsApp Users will be able to book an Uber ride in three easy ways. They have to message Uber’s business account number. You’ll then need to scan a QR code or click a link to open an Uber WhatsApp chat. In the chat, users will be asked for pickup and drop off locations. Users will get instant fare and estimated arrival time of cabs. In this, users will get safety features and insurance protection like booking trips through the Uber app.

On booking, information about the driver and the number of the cab will also be given. Users will be able to see the driver’s location and talk to him using an unrecognized number. However, for drivers on the Uber platform WhatsApp There will be no change in their experience with the rides booked through

Abhijit Bose, India Head, WhatsApp, said, “The Uber experience for users on WhatsApp will be good and will give Uber a new category of users in the country.” This option to book a ride through WhatsApp will be available only in the English language for now. It will soon be given in other Indian languages ​​as well. This service will be available to new and existing users registered with Uber with only one phone number.


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