UFOs intervened in America’s secret nuclear stations, many had to go offline, former Pentagon official made big claims

US Nuclear Technique UFO: A former official who worked at the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, has claimed that UFOs have repeatedly interfered with US nuclear technology, causing many centers to be taken offline. Luis Elizonda, former head of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Identification Program, told The Washington Post that UFOs are officially known as UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). Who has really interfered with American nuclear technology. “There have been incidents in this country where these UAPs have intervened and in fact our nuclear capabilities have had to be taken offline,” he says.

In the interview with Elizonda, questions related to the sighting of UFOs at nuclear stations were asked. In which it was found that such incidents have been seen in almost every nuclear station in the world (Pentagon Report on UFO). Elizonda said that this is a matter of concern for the security of the country and this has been seen in many other countries, so it is also a global issue. He says, of course, some people say that because of UFOs, America’s nuclear stations have had to be offline, they must have been interfered with, which makes it seem that they are peaceful. But no matter what, they are interfering. Hence this is a matter of concern.

UFO interest in US technology

He said that this shows that UFOs have an interest in our nuclear technology and they also have the ability to influence it. He said that the US has nuclear-powered aircraft, submarines and destroyers, so it should not be surprising for UFOs to show interest in them. The former official said that despite speculation, the upcoming Pentagon report in this matter will definitely show that UAPs are not American technology. He said that he is also very sure that these are not Chinese and Russian techniques either. Rather, it is some technology related to the next generation, which is far ahead of us.

50-1000 years ahead

This former Pentagon official said that this technology is ahead of us from 50 to 1000 years. However, UFO sightings are being claimed in America for decades. It is just termed as rumour. The US Navy pilot also shared many pictures and video footage regarding this (US Video Footage). In which an object is seen flying at a height of 30 to 40 feet. Which is in the shape of Tic Tac, it has neither wings nor rotors. But despite this, they are able to fly, turn and change their places rapidly in the air. Later this month, the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force will present a report to the US Parliament on UFO incidents.

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