UK: The girl who accused the British Queen’s son of ‘disgusting’ will withdraw the case, the settlement is reached, know what the Prince will give in return?

Prince Andrew Case: Virginia Joffrey, the girl who accused Queen Elizabeth II’s son of sexual abuse against Prince Andrew, will withdraw her case. A settlement has been reached in this matter.

Virginia Joffrey to withdraw lawsuit against Prince Andrew

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Britain (UK) of Queen Elizabeth II (Queen Elizabeth II) son of Prince Andrew (Prince AndrewA settlement has been reached in the sexual abuse case filed against him. This case had caught fire in Britain for a long time. Such a heinous allegation was made against a member of the royal family which is considered to be very respectable. Earlier, Andrew had dismissed the allegations against himself. However, even then the debate on the matter did not stop. And now a compromise has been made. Prince Andrew was sued by 17-year-old Virginia Joffrey for sexual harassment.

Information related to the agreement has come to light from the documents filed in this regard in the court on Tuesday. Joffrey’s attorney, David Bois, said in documents submitted to a Manhattan federal court that attorneys for both sides are notifying the judge that the trial has been reached in principle and that they will appeal to dismiss the lawsuit within a month. According to documents filed in court, Prince Andrew will donate to Joffrey’s charity, which has accused him of sexual abuse. According to media reports, he will give more than Rs 122 crore.

asked to cancel all dates

Meanwhile, the letter said that the judges should set aside all the dates and put the proceedings on hold. Joffrey filed a lawsuit against Andrew in August last year. Joffrey, a US citizen, has accused a member of the British royal family of sexually abusing her by Prince when she was traveling with Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew tried to get the trial dismissed by denying Joffrey’s allegations.

Names associated with sex traffickers

Along with this, Andrew has also expressed grief over his relationship with notorious sex trafficker and financier Jeffrey Epstein. Virginia Joffrey first said in an interview to the BBC in the year 2019 that she was forced to have a physical relationship with Britain’s Prince Andrew. This was done to him at a very young age. After which Andrew dismissed Geoffrey’s allegations as false. But then doubts arose about the relationship between Andrew and Epstein. Recently, his name was also associated with sex trafficker Ghilsen Maxwell. Who had booked for Prince Andrew’s nude massage with therapist Giannelloni. Giannelloni himself has given information about this matter in an interview.

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