Ukraine War: The war increased the tension of Indian students, first left the country and now universities will leave, planning for admission in other countries

Students leaving Ukraine are planning for admission in other countries

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Indians Evacuated form Ukraine: In front of the students returning from Ukraine, there is an atmosphere of concern about their further studies. Students are now making up their mind for admission in other countries as well.

Indian Students from Ukraine: In the war that broke out between Russia-Ukraine, Indian students studying there have suffered a great loss. War in Ukraine (Ukraine WarBecause of this, Indian students studying there have returned to India and now their future seems to be hanging in the balance. Omkar Venkatachari, a third year student of Kharkiv National Medical University, is preparing for KROK-1, which is the medical examination of Ukraine. But it is difficult for him to return to Ukraine because of the war. Because of this, he is preparing to go to another country to complete his studies.

Omkar told that last week the consultancy agency through which Indian students went to the university, conducted a poll. In this poll, it was asked whether the students want to study in Ukraine or in any other country. The answer to this question was unanimously yes. However, Omkar said that going to another country also has different advantages and disadvantages. He said, ‘So far there is no clarity in which country we will go to. Documents, qualifying exam and what other important things will be required. Will we have to learn another language? What will be the cost of going there?’

Hope to return to India, but now disappointed

Partha Dixit, who studied at the Bokovinian State Medical University in Chernevesti, also mentioned a similar problem. Parth said, ‘When we returned to India, there was some hope. Those people (university administration) said that online classes will continue and by June we will return to the university. Even today the area near our university has not been affected by the war. He said, ‘They say that they will start offline classes from September. But the students do not yet know whether they want to return to Ukraine or not.

It is expensive to live in Ukraine because of the crisis

War-ravaged Ukraine is currently facing a crisis and because of this it is more expensive to live there. In such a situation, many students cannot bear this cost. Pranjal Kaushik is one such student, who has taken admission in Dinpro State Medical University. Kaushik said, ‘We had taken a flat on rent with friends in Ukraine. We ourselves used to buy samanan and cook the food. But now the prices of food items have reached the sky. And it’s not just with food. He said, ‘The rent of flats has also increased. Also the area is unsafe.

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The situation has already worsened due to the Russo-Ukraine war. The situation of the students returning to India has become the most precarious. These students have neither the option of returning nor completing their studies. However, some institutes have said to give admission to such students. Now these students are left with the option of taking admission in other countries.