Under tension from China’s growing economic and military power, America may continue to expand bilateral ties with India

US Continue Expand Ties With India: According to a report by the US Congress, President Joe Biden’s administration may continue to expand bilateral partnership with India and concerns about China’s growing economic and military power in the region is a major factor behind the intensification of these ties (US India Current Relationship). According to the latest report on Indo-US relations released by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), “Many predict that the administration will focus more on domestic developments, including human rights in India, but in broader policies due to the greater need for balance compared to China.” Change is unlikely.

The report, traditionally prepared for US lawmakers, said, “Independent observers widely believe that the Biden administration can continue to expand bilateral ties (with India) (US China Latest News) and Most people count concerns about China’s growing economy and military might as factors to strengthen these ties. The CRS report prepared by independent experts is not considered an official report of the US Congress. The US Congress has been making many such reports public.

Experts from South Asia prepared the report

The report has been prepared by several experts from South Asia under the leadership of Alan Kronstadt. “Many analysts are looking forward to the possibility of the US turning to cooperation with India in multilateral fora, especially given India’s recent warmth towards the Quad initiative,” it said. To what extent the Biden administration will commit to prioritizing the Indo-Pacific region in its foreign policy. The US, Japan, India and Australia had in 2017 shaped a pending proposal to form a quadrilateral alliance or ‘quad’ to counter China’s aggressive behavior in the Indo-Pacific region.

Biden had talks with PM Modi

President Joe Biden held digital talks with leaders of this group, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during the first Quad summit in March (US China and India). In it, Biden said that an open and free Indo-Pacific region is essential for all and that the US remains committed to working with its partners and allies to achieve stability in the region. China is involved in territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. It claims sovereignty over the entire South China Sea. However, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei and Taiwan claim the opposite.

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