Unemployment rate rises to 7.8 percent in June, showing effect of decline in agricultural activities in summer: CMIE

Unemployment rate rises to 7.8 percent in June

According to the CMI report, employment has decreased due to the closure of agricultural activities in the month of June. The situation is expected to change with the monsoon and further employment may increase.

The unemployment rate in the country has increased to 7.8 percent in the month of June. During this, there has been a loss of about 1.3 crore jobs in the country. This information has been given by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). According to think tank Unemployment ,UnemploymentThis increase has been seen due to the spurt in unemployment in rural areas. However, on the other hand, there has been a slight change in urban areas during this period. CMIE (CMIE) said in his report that in the month of June this is seen in rural areas. In fact, during the scorching summer, there is a decrease in the activities related to agriculture, with the monsoon, it can once again see a boom.

Where did the unemployment rate reach?

According to CMIE, the unemployment rate in rural areas has increased from 6.62 percent in May to 8.03 percent. In the cities, the rate increased from 7.12 percent to 7.3 percent. CMIE MD Mahesh Vyas said that this is the biggest decline in employment in the month without lockdown. This decline has been seen due to lack of employment in rural areas. However, this decline in employment is seasonal as activities in rural areas are very less during this period and positive changes will be seen with the monsoon rains. When will the sowing start in the fields. He said that 1.3 crore jobs have been lost in the month of June but the actual number of unemployed has increased only by 30 lakhs. In fact, there has been a shortage of 1 crore laborers in the labor market. He said that in such a situation, there is an indication that the figures related to employment are related to the migration of laborers and they do not show weakness in the economy. However, he said that it is a matter of concern that only monsoon affects the employment of such a large number of people.

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25 lakh reduction in the employment of salaried employees

He said that there is another matter of concern that in June 2022, 25 lakh jobs have been reduced among the salaried employees. According to the report, Haryana has the highest unemployment, followed by Rajasthan, Assam, Jammu and Kashmir and Bihar.