Universe expanding at a speed of 73km per second! NASA said – “Something is wrong”

The Hubble telescope is one of the most powerful observatories that has helped scientists understand and solve many of the great mysteries of the universe. Over the past 30 years, the telescope has taken more than 130 million photographs. Now it is on its most challenging mission, finding out how fast the universe is expanding. In this regard, NASA has issued a shocking statement, which says that something unusual is definitely happening in our Universe.

The way technology has developed in the last few years, it should have been possible that scientists could study the phenomenon of expansion of the universe in a better way. But it doesn’t seem to be happening. NASA says That is the difference in the rate of expansion of the universe. It is not as it should be according to scientific calculations. There is something unusual in this. Recent observations suggest that something extraordinary is happening in the Universe after the Big Bang.

Scientists are confused by this. To understand this strange phenomenon, scientists are studying the data of the Hubble Telescope. Scientists have named this set of milepost markers according to space and time. On the basis of how far these mileposts go from us, what is the speed of expansion of the universe can be ascertained.

NASA says Hubble has calibrated more than 40 milepost markers since its launch in 1990. “You’re getting a high degree of measurement with telescopes and cosmic mile markers that are giving accurate information about the expansion of the Universe,” said Nobel Prize winner Adam Rees of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

The study of the expansion of the universe began in 1920, when Edwin P Hubble and Georges Lemaitre gave its measurements. The telescope is also named after Edwin P Hubble. Hubble said that other galaxies outside our galaxy are slowly moving away from us. And this is happening very fast. Since then scientists have been trying to study this spread.

Since the start of its study with the Hubble Telescope, it was found that it is spreading much faster than what the models were telling the speed of this expansion so far. In these models, the rate of its spread was reported to be 67.5 kilometers per second per megaparsec, but it came out to be 73 kilometers per second from the Hubble Telescope.

Scientists are surprised because of this gap and they are going to start their study again. Scientists are now waiting for data from the James Webb Space Telescope, so that they can go deeper into this mystery.