Uorfi Javed: The false rumor of the suicide of Urfi Javed is going viral after the threatening message, had given his unambiguous opinion on the Udaipur massacre

urfi javed suicide rumor

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These days false news of suicide is spreading on social media about the troll and trending Urfi Javed for his clothes. On which Urfi has expressed concern.

urfi javed (Uorfi Javed) often remains in the headlines for her fashion sense. Sometimes Urfi has to be a victim of trolling on social media for her clothes and sometimes she is appreciated a lot. At this time, she has become a social media influencer as well as a fashion model. Not only in the country but her fashion sense is also supported abroad. But, like every time, this time Urfi remains in the discussion not about her clothes but for some other reason and this reason is not common, but Urfi has become upset after hearing this. So let’s know what is the reason for Urfi’s troubles?

Urfi Javed, who dominates social media, is in trouble. Actually, Urfi had shared a post expressing his reaction on social media on the Kanhaiya Lal murder case in Udaipur. In his post, Urfi strongly condemned the massacre.

On his official social media handle, Urfi, while reacting to the Udaipur incident, wrote that Allah has never accepted such barbarism in the name of religion. Now after this post of Urfi, troubles are looming on him. Threatening messages have started coming on his viral post on social media, which is quite shocking.

Instagram story of Urfi Javed

Instagram story of Urfi Javed

False rumor of suicide went viral

Not only this, something else is also happening with Urfi Javed which is quite shocking. Urfi’s photo is being shared with a threatening message, on which it is written RIP. According to the news received from media reports, false rumors of actress suicide are being shared on social media. On this, Urfi has expressed concern by sharing the story on Instagram.

Urfi expressed concern through Instagram story

By sharing the story on Instagram, Urfi Javed has shared the story about the false rumors spreading against him on social media. It is written in Urfi’s story that in the old picture of Urfi, a noose has been put around the neck through editing. RIP alias Javed is written on it. At the same time, another has written that I am standing with the person who killed Urfi. Sharing this, Urfi has written that what is this happening?