UP: Amazing work of the education department! 2022 exam questions asked in 2023 exam

UP Govt School: The questions asked in the paper of 2022 are being asked again in the exam to be held in 2023 in council schools in Uttar Pradesh. Let us know what is the whole matter.

previous year questions asked in question paper

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UP Schools: The Uttar Pradesh government is constantly working to raise the standard of education in council schools. For this, the government is spending crores of rupees in the budget like water. But departmental officers and employees are constantly seen turning water on this intention of the government. A similar case has been seen in the examination conducted by the council school. Here, the officers and employees of the department, making fun of the lives of the students, are taking the exam from the question paper of 2022 in the 2023 exam.

Actually, the only difference between the exam held in 2023 and 2022 is that the question paper has been changed by moving the question number of the exam paper up and down in both the years. All this feat has been done by the officers and employees of DIET. Lakhs of rupees were spent by the government to prepare this year’s question paper. Even after this, such negligence has been seen on the part of the officials.

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What is the matter?

Despite the efforts and efforts of the government, the condition of basic education is not taking the name of improvement. The departmental officers themselves are leaving no stone unturned to sabotage the department. A live example of this is the annual examination being conducted by the Basic Department, in which the paper of the year 2022 has appeared in 2023 as well. The only difference is that this time the serial number has been changed.

Significantly, the annual examination of children studying in council schools started from Monday, 20 March. When the question paper received by about 3 lakh students appearing in the examination in 2269 schools of Ghazipur district was observed, it was found that the paper which came in the year 2022. Exactly the same paper has come this time also. All that has happened is that the serial number of the questions has been changed.

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statement of action

However, the Secretary of the Basic Education Council had given clear instructions that by preparing the question papers on March 15 at the district level, the work of distribution to the schools through all the BEOs should be ensured on March 18. The irony is that so far in two days, along with home craft, agriculture, sports and health, science and Sanskrit subjects have also been examined.

In such a situation, what will be the future of the children studying in council schools, it can be easily guessed. Basic Education Officer Hemant Rao said that the question paper for the annual examination has been prepared at the DIET level. As far as the exact paper of the year 2022 is concerned, then it will be investigated and necessary action will be taken.