Uproar over NCERT book, what was written in it? Know the whole matter

There has been a controversy regarding the chapter named The Little Girl in the 9th book of NCERT. Let us know what is the reason behind this controversy.


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‘National Council of Educational Research and Training’ (NCERT)’s 9th book has come into controversies these days. The reason for the controversy is a chapter written about women in the book. In the 9th class book, it has been said about this chapter that it promotes patriarchy. Delhi Child Rights Protection Commission (DCPCR) has raised objection regarding this chapter. The commission has asked the NCERT to amend or replace the chapter in the Class IX English textbook that promotes patriarchy.

It was claimed that it teaches violent behavior of men, prejudice towards women and acceptance of domestic violence to children. Commission Chairman Anurag Kundu said that the name of the chapter is The Little Girl, which is the story of a girl named Kezia. Who is afraid of her father and due to constant threats, it also affects her speaking style.

Kundu tweeted, I have asked the director of NCERT to remove this chapter as it promotes patriarchy and promotes harmful behavior in the family. There is no response from NCERT on this till now.

What is controversial in the book?

According to the story, Kezia’s grandmother asks her to prepare a gift for her father, as his birthday is round the corner. She prepares a pin cushion for her father. But in this she fills the paper, which contains a speech for her father. This speech is prepared for the birthday program. When the girl’s father comes to know about this, he beats her, then her grandmother tells him to forget this incident.

DCPCR told that when she sleeps with her father at night, she comes to know that her father works very hard. In such a situation it becomes difficult to play with him. Because of this only he gets angry on her. She forgets the beating incident and forgives her father. The panel said that this chapter is very disturbing. The girl’s grandmother and her mother are shown to be old-fashioned.

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