Uproar over The Diary of West Bengal, director fearing arrest, said – am I a terrorist

Sanoj Mishra

The Diary of West Bengal: There is a controversy regarding the film The Diary of West Bengal. The film’s director Sanoj Mishra held a press conference in Mumbai on Friday and expressed apprehension of his arrest. He said that on May 30, I have to appear before the Kolkata Police. He claimed that he was being called there so that he could be arrested.

Sanoj Mishra said that he has to pay the price for speaking the truth. During PC he said that I am not wrong and I am being tortured. During this, he also questioned the sections involved in the case in Bengal. He said that such sections have been imposed on me as if I am a terrorist and a traitor.

Sanoj Mishra said that I am a director and writer. Working on true events. He claimed that his film is based on the politics and vote bank of West Bengal. He said that I am showing whatever is true.

Infiltration of Rohingya

Sanoj Mishra, who came to present his point before the media, claimed that bombs are made and thrown in West Bengal. He said that there is infiltration of Rohingyas. Questioning, he claimed that bombs are thrown in the procession, is it not true? What a crime to show the truth.