UP’s unique school: 1 room, 8 classes, 400 children… have to wait 8 hours for toilet

In the upper primary school of Ghazipur, about 400 students are taught together in a class. The full strength of the students is supported by peepal trees and the open sky. With many months of struggle, students are seen getting education.

Upper Primary School of Ghazipur.

Image Credit source: Anil Kumar

Ghazipur The new education policy of the Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Department has been seen flying in an upper primary school. Here 8 classes are conducted in a single room and about 400 students are forced to study together. In the class room, the support of the peepal tree is used outside the school premises at full strength of the students. Classes are conducted in the shade of trees under the open sky. The interesting thing is that when the teacher teaches the students of class 8, then the students of classes one to seven become calm. After which the teacher teaches.

The matter pertains to the BRC center of Saidpur block. In the upper primary school operated here, students have been pursuing education with struggle for many months. At the same time, it has been learned from the local people that this school used to run in the town earlier, but due to the dilapidated school, the department declared it a condom and auctioned it. After that the school was shifted to the building of BRC center. For many months, students are getting education with struggle. The special thing is that there is also the office of the responsible officer of Basic Education Department at the BRC center itself.

There is no toilet or cleanliness in the school

At the same time, if the students of class 8 are to be believed, there is neither any toilet nor any arrangement in the school. Students say that they have to go home for the toilet. Otherwise you have to wait for the holiday. Girls have to face a lot of problems due to lack of toilets. Along with this, told that there is a lot of dirt in the school. There is no sign of cleanliness.

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What are you responsible for?

ABSA Alok Kumar told that the school of these people used to run in the town, due to the dilapidated building, it was shifted to the BRC hall. On this whole matter, Basic Education Officer (BSA) Hemant Rao says that he was not aware of the matter earlier, for which he has just talked to ABSA. In the next one or two days, this school will be shifted to the building of Kasturba Gandhi Residential School.