UPSC topper Shruti Sharma visited her home district, reached the degree college and gave the guru mantra of success to the students

Shruti Sharma with Bina Prakash Hospital medical staff

UPSC Topper Shruti Sharma in Bijnor: Shruti Sharma interacted with students preparing for competitive examinations at Vardhman Degree College, Bijnor.

Shruti Sharma (Shruti Sharma) who has brought light to the name of Bijnor across the country by securing the first position in the UPSC examination.Shruti Sharma) was warmly welcomed on reaching his home district Bijnor. Originally a resident of Basta village of Chandpur tehsil of Bijnor district, Shruti reached DM Bijnor’s office with her parents and brother from Delhi. Here DM Umesh Mishra of Bijnor honored his entire family including topper IAS Shruti Sharma by wearing a shawl. Shruti Sharma’s father is an architect engineer in Delhi, while mother is a housewife. At the same time, brother is a player of UP Ranji cricket team.

Shruti Sharma interacted with the students preparing for competitive examinations at Vardhman Degree College, Bijnor. During this, he told the students the guru mantra of success. Shruti Sharma told UPSC like other exams that if preparation is done with determination, hard work and self-confidence, then UPSC exam can also be passed with good rank. But what, when, how much and how to read for this. Apart from coaching, notes, group discussion and mentoring from seniors, guidance and the will to win on your own are also essential. He said that eight hours of study every day is enough, provided it is done diligently.

It is important to know interest before going in any field: Shruti Sharma

UPSC topper Shruti Sharma told the youth preparing for the examinations that it is important to know their interest before going for any field of studies, research, sports or business in the country. He said that it is not a difficult task to reach the destination by planning for success in whatever field, with hard work, dedication and confidence, planning for success. Even if the results do not come as desired, one should not let the confidence fall. Continuous efforts in the right direction are sure to bring success.

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Promised to work for women empowerment and all round development

Shruti Sharma told that they will get UP cadre. Whatever responsibility will be given to her, she will follow it according to the priority of the state and central government. She said that she would work for women empowerment, education, health and all round development. The service of the people of his state will be his top priority. Shruti Sharma also went to Bina Prakash Hospital in Bijnor. He was born in the same hospital in the year 1997. He met Dr. Bina Singh and Dr. Prakash Singh with all the nursing staff in the hospital very intimately. In Bijnor, UPSC exam topper Shruti Sharma is being welcomed everywhere in the district. Chandpur MLA Swami Omvesh also honored Shruti Sharma in Basta and blessed her.