Urvashi Dholakia: Urvashi Dholakia, who is known for the character of Komolika, lacks work, know what is the actress’s Struggle Story

Even today Urvashi Dholakia has to give audition for work

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Urvashi Dholakia has completed 38 years working in the entertainment world. Despite this, they find it very difficult to get work.

Who does not know the well-known actress of the television industry and actress Urvashi Dholakia, popularly known as Komolika. The actress has made a different place for herself in crores of hearts with her actress. Urvashi Dholakia (urvashi dholakia) achieved tremendous fame and heights despite the negative role. People are crazy about his performance, not his role. Even in the negative role, his shocks are still in people’s mind. But, despite so much fame, today there is a shortage of work in the industry. So let’s know the full story behind the actress’s struggle.

Like every actor, Urvashi Dholakia’s life is also full of troubles. The actress has worked very hard behind the name and fame, but despite this, she lacks work today. Recently, Urvashi has revealed in one of her media interviews that why the actress does not have work despite so much popularity.

Actually, Urvashi Dholakia has mentioned in her latest interview that she was not at all interested in negative characters. He told that he was cast for the role only in one way. While narrating the story of her struggle, the actress said that “It is written on my face that I will not get roles in any other way. I only get roles in one way.”

“Typecast for negative role”

In the information received from the media reports, Urvashi Dholakia further said on the question of typecasting the negative role that she was typecasted for the role in only one way. However, he agreed that the negative character has been his USP. But, she also wants people to see her from another point of view.

“It’s been 38 years in the industry”

Let us tell you that Urvashi Dholakia has completed 38 years working in the entertainment world. Despite this, they find it very difficult to get work. They have to struggle hard for work even in today’s date. Urvashi told the reason behind her not getting work, because of her being typecast in the industry. He says that this is a big problem.

Still have to give audition

In the interview, the actress told with a very sad heart that even after so much time, she still has to give audition for any role. If someone calls her for work, then it is only for the negative role, on which the actress is not going to pay attention at all. Urvashi says that she does not want to do negative roles anymore. Now she wants to audition for doing a completely different role for which she is ready.