US: A truck filled with 4500 Kg of firecrackers caught fire in America, the sky lit up, people were seen making videos

Fireworks suddenly broke out on the highway in New Jersey

America News: Officials told that the truck was filled with 4500 kg of firecrackers. Whose price was close to 9.49 lakhs.

America of New Jersey (New JerseySuch a case of fireworks has come to the fore, which you will be shocked to hear. Suddenly terrible fireworks on a highway here (Fireworks), which lasted for hours. The highway was jammed and the police had to take charge. Actually, this case is from New Jersey. Here a truck full of firecrackers suddenly caught fire on a highway. One by one the firecrackers went off due to the fire. After which the police immediately banned the movement of vehicles on the highway.

It is being told that the truck was laden with more than 45 kg of firecrackers. Their price was close to 10,000 pounds i.e. around 9.49 lakhs. According to the information, this incident happened on New Jersey Interstate Highway on 26 June. As soon as the fireworks started, a large crowd of people gathered to see it. According to a New Jersey Live report, the driver reported a fire in the tire of the dolly on the truck carrier. On seeing the fire, it spread to the firecrackers present in the truck, after which a ‘fire show’ has started in the sky. The passers-by captured the scene on their mobile phones.

no one died in the incident

After this the team of Tanker Task Force reached the spot to extinguish the fire and the highway was closed for movement of vehicles. The next morning, just before the opening of the highway lane, long lines of vehicles were seen near the spot. However, it is fortunate that no one was harmed in this incident. Officials said that the truck was filled with 4500 kg of firecrackers. Whose price was close to 9.49 lakhs. Many people were also seen enjoying this event during the fireworks.

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Similar incident happened in Ohio last year

It is known that this is not the first such incident. Earlier, in 2021 (in July) last year, a similar incident was also reported from Ohio in the US. When a truck loaded with fireworks exploded. At least four people were reported to be injured in this incident.