US Air Force is going to get the world’s most advanced strike aircraft, know why it is special

Northrop was awarded the contract in 2015 to design and manufacture the world’s most advanced strike aircraft.

US Air Force to get world’s most advanced strike aircraft

Image Credit source: Northrop Grumman

us Air Force your new aircraft The B21 Raider is ready to be unveiled. This new stealth aircraft made by Northrop Grumman Company will replace B-1 and B-2. It will be unveiled on Friday. The company claims that it is the most advanced military aircraft ever. According to the company’s website, six B-21 bombers are being built at a facility in Palmdale, California. Northrop was awarded the contract in 2015 to design and manufacture the world’s most advanced strike aircraft.

According to the company, the aircraft is designed to perform long-range conventional and nuclear missions. The estimated cost per aircraft is $2 billion. This aircraft is expected to be operational by the beginning of 2023.

According to the Northrop website, the sixth generation aircraft has breakthrough stealth technology, advanced networking capabilities and open system architecture. It states that the B-21 is optimized for high-end threat environments.

Company promoting aircraft as digital bomber

The company is promoting this new aircraft as a digital bomber, capable of using agile technology and cloud computing for fast and flexible communication. Northrop said the six Raiders are in various stages of final assembly and testing.

The B-21 Raider is named in honor of the Doolittle Raid of World War II. Talking about the historic mission, Northrop said that 80 airmen and 16 B-25 Mitchell medium bombers led by Lieutenant Colonel James “Jimmy” Doolittle changed the course of World War II through their mission.

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