US Ambassador Rashad Hussain spewed venom against India for religious freedom, said – danger of genocide here, know what else he said

Rashad Hussain threatens genocide in India

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US Ambassador Rashad Hussain has fiercely spit poison while referring to the incidents in India. He expressed the threat of genocide in India and said that the US is directly talking to India on his concerns.

US Ambassador on International Religious Freedom Rashad Hussein (US Ambassador Rashad Hussain) has expressed the threat of genocide in India on Thursday. Referring to many incidents and statements, he spewed venom against India fiercely. Speaking before a US committee on the issue of religious freedom in India, Hussain said that the Early Warning Project (linked to the Holocaust) has brought India to the second place in the list of countries where mass murdersMass Killings) is most at risk. He said that the US is in direct talks with India regarding their concerns.

He cited the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and “open calls for genocide” and said that the rights of minorities in India are under threat. He said, ‘We have seen attacks on churches, vandalism of houses, ban on hijab. We have seen rhetoric, which is being used openly, which is inhuman towards the people to such an extent that a minister has even described Muslims as termites. Referring to Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits and Adivasis, Hussain said that for any society to live according to its potential, the rights of all the people should be protected. “The world’s largest democracy is a country where, like ours, we want to make sure that we live up to our values ​​so that we can reach our potential,” he said. This can happen only when our participation is complete, there is equal participation of all people.’

Report on religious freedom was prepared

Hussein’s office had recently prepared a report on religious freedom, which was released by Foreign Minister Antony Blinken. In this, ‘concerns about increasing attacks on religious places and people’ were expressed. Rashad Hussain referred to his Indian roots and said that America has the right to speak on religious freedom anywhere in the world. However, India rejected the State Department’s report on religious freedom and called the comments of the officials inappropriate. India had said that it was unfortunate that ‘vote bank politics’ was interfering in international relations. India had also requested the US not to make an assessment on the basis of biased views.

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Also spoke on Udaipur incident

On the other hand, Hussain also said on Thursday that it is important to focus on the challenges and work together to address them. He said that America is raising these issues directly by talking to India. Hussain said, ‘It is necessary that we work together, fight for the rights of all the people.’ Referring to the Udaipur incident, Hussain said, “If anyone is attacked, yesterday there was an attack, which was disgusting. We should condemn that too. A Hindu tailor was brutally murdered by two Muslim men in Udaipur. That too only because he was allegedly supporting former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. By uploading a video, these accused openly showed weapons and threatened even Prime Minister Narendra Modi.