US China tension: Ban on entry of Chinese students into America, US put brake on visa amid tension!

After a semester of online studies, Wang Jiewei was excited to meet her classmates on the Washington University campus in St. Louis, but the 23-year-old financial education student said the US took her student on security grounds. Visa (US Visa) has been revoked. The Chinese government says that Wang is at least one of those 500 students.

The visas of these students have been revoked in accordance with a policy issued by former President Donald Trump to prevent Beijing from acquiring US technology for potential military use. Wang said, ‘Everything is bullshit. What do we students of financial education have to do with the military?’

America told this reason

In fact, relations between the US and China are straining over technology and education, Beijing’s military advance, the origin of the corona virus, human rights and disputed claims of the South China Sea and other regions. The policy prohibits granting visas to those associated with the ruling Communist Party’s military wing, the People’s Liberation Army, or universities that Washington has described as part of efforts to modernize the military.

US officials say they believe thousands of Chinese students and researchers are involved in programs that allow them to pass on medical, computer and other sensitive information to China. Washington has cited Beijing’s policy of ‘civilian-military combination’. It says it considers private companies and universities an asset to develop Chinese military technology.

PLA’s Technology Threat!

The State Department said in a report in 2020, ‘Joint research institutions, academia and private companies are being abused to build the PLA’s future military systems, and often without their knowledge or consent.’ President Joe Biden has yet to give any indication of what he might do. Shanghai’s online news organization ‘The Paper’ reported that Chinese officials had appealed to US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman to lift visa restrictions.

The US embassy in Beijing said in a statement that the policy was necessary to “protect America’s national security interests”. It said the policy was a response to “certain abuses of the visa process”. The embassy said more than 85,000 visas have been approved for Chinese students in the last four months. “This number clearly shows that the US is prepared to issue visas to all those who are eligible, including Chinese students and scholars,” it said.

Most Chinese students in America

According to US government statistics, the largest number of foreign students in America are from China. An engineer at a state-run aircraft manufacturer said his visa request to visit his wife, who is studying pediatrics in California, was turned down.

The engineer holds a bachelor’s degree from the Harbin Institute of Technology in the northeast of China. He said, ‘I was insulted. Since I got a degree from this institute, does it mean that I am a spy? What is the difference between this and racism?’

Trump’s order was cited in the letter rejecting the visa requests of several students but did not give details of the decision. However, some students say that their visas were rejected soon after they learned from which university they studied.

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