US-France relations soured for 200 years, Paris called back its ambassadors from both US-Australia countries

The dispute between America and its oldest ally France is deepening. Its effect is now visible on the diplomatic relations of both the countries. In fact, France on Friday recalled its ambassador to the US (US-France Relations). By doing this, France has shown its displeasure to America. Relations between France and America improved after the revolutions of the eighteenth century. But now America, Australia and Britain have left France to create a new Indo-Pacific security system. This has soured the relationship.

According to the French foreign ministry, this is the first time that France has called its ambassador from America. Paris also recalled its ambassador from Australia. Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a written statement that France’s decision at the request of President Emmanuel Macron was appropriate given the extraordinary seriousness of the announcements made by Australia and the US. Actually, all this controversy is about nuclear submarines.

What did the French ambassador say?

Jean-Yves Le Drian said, Australia canceled the purchase of a French conventional submarine for a nuclear submarine with American technology. This is unacceptable behavior by Australia towards its allies and partners. Ambassador Philippe Etienne tweeted that the announcements made by the US are directly affecting our alliances, our partnership and our vision of the importance of the Indo-Pacific to Europe. National Security Council spokeswoman Emilie Horn said the Biden administration was in close contact with French officials about the decision to return Etienne to Paris.

What did the spokesperson for the National Security Council say?

Emily Horne said, “We understand their position and will continue to resolve our differences in the days to come.” We have done this at other points during our long alliance. “France is our oldest ally and one of our strongest partners,” he said. We share a long history of shared democratic values ​​and commit to working together to meet global challenges. State Department spokesman Ned Price also stressed the importance of the US to its relationship with France and expressed hope that talks between the two sides will continue in the coming days.

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