US gets one hit, two Spy Balloons still out of sight – super power in tension

Another senior defense official said, the Pentagon had been keeping an eye on the balloon flying at high altitude for some time. It entered Alaska on 28 January, after that, it entered Canadian airspace on 30 January.

After the spy balloon was found in the sky of America, a situation of tension has arisen between the US and China. balloon was shot down in the air by American fighter jets. Meanwhile, information is now coming out that there are two more spy balloons in America which are flying continuously.

Citing the Washington Post, a foreign media has given information about two more spy balloons. According to the report, one of the spy balloons is flying over Latin America and the other at an unknown destination. Quoting another source, it has been said that China is nervous about the issues of spy balloons. A very difficult situation has arisen in front of China.

US President Joe Biden himself came in front of the media on Saturday and said that he had given the order to kill him. When asked whether the US was planning to shoot down a suspected spy balloon, he gave the thumbs-up sign. After which the video of shooting down the balloon through fighter aircraft also surfaced.

Balloon shot down by missile

A senior US defense official told reporters in Washington that on the instructions of President Biden, the US military shot down the balloon at 2.39 pm local time. The place where the balloon was dropped is six miles from the US coast in South Carolina. According to a defense official, a fighter jet taking off from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia fired a missile that caused the balloon to crash into the ocean within US airspace.

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China expressed strong opposition

Meanwhile, China’s state-run Xinhua news agency on Sunday cited a statement by China’s Foreign Ministry as saying that Beijing strongly protested the US use of force to attack China’s civilian unmanned aerial vehicle. The US’s insistence on the use of force is indeed an unnecessary response and a serious violation of international procedure, according to the statement.