US President Joe Biden accuses social media companies of child molestation

America’s stand on social media companies may be tough. US President Joe Biden has said that these companies are collecting the data of children by luring them. He has alleged that big tech companies are experimenting on youth for their profit.

Agence France-Presse’s Report “We need to hold social media companies accountable for the for-profit experiments they conduct on children,” Biden said in an address to a joint session of Congress, according to . There needs to be a law to prevent this.” Along with this, he said that a strict limit has to be set to ban targeted advertising by these companies and collect personal data of their people. Even before this, Biden had given information about the risks that can happen from social media.

He urged both the Republican and Democrat parties to end the political impasse and pass laws that would allow Apple, Google, Amazon and facebook Like the power of big American tech companies can be curbed. This was welcomed by members of both the parties. Biden has been in favor of increasing the online privacy of people and the security of their personal data. Earlier, in some countries of Europe and Asia, new rules have been made to curb the growing power of these companies.

In an editorial published in the Wall Street Journal last month, Biden said legislation to curb the problem could give authorities access to the algorithms that power social media companies. He said lawmakers should reconsider whether existing law exempts these companies from liability for the content on their sites. Even before this in America, there has been a demand for making stricter laws to rein in the tech companies. However, there are differences of opinion among political parties regarding such a law. In India too, the central government has told the need to make these companies accountable regarding the content.


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