US President Joe Biden’s open warning to Vladimir Putin – Russia will give a befitting reply if it attacks

Russia Ukraine Conflict: US President Joe Biden has said that if Russia attacks Ukraine, he will give a befitting reply. If the citizens of America are harmed, a stern response will be given.

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden.

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Russia Ukraine Conflict: Russia and Ukraine US President Joe Biden amid continuing tension between (US President Joe Biden) Has given the first official statement. Giving a stern warning to Russia, Biden said that if Russia attacks Ukraine, we will give a befitting reply. Biden said that there is every possibility of a Russian attack on Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine should find a solution through dialogue. America cares about the common people. The US President further said that Russia has deployed millions of soldiers on the border of Ukraine. Biden said that he would impose sanctions on Russia for attacking.

Joe Biden said that if Russia attacked, it would be promoting war. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine Crisis ,Russia President Vladimir Putin) talked to. Biden said that Russia talked about withdrawing some troops. At the same time, Biden asked the Americans to leave Ukraine. If Americans are harmed, we will respond strongly. The US President said that Ukraine is not intimidating Russia.

America had warned Russia earlier also

Even before this, America had warned Russia. President Joe Biden’s administration has warned Russia of dire consequences if it invades Ukraine, saying the avenue of diplomacy is still available if the Kremlin chooses constructively. White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Carine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Monday that the US was actively working to reach a diplomatic solution to ease the crisis. “As you all know, Biden spoke with (Russian) President Putin over the weekend and we are in contact with the Russian government in full coordination with our allies and partners,” he said. Russia has gathered a large number of troops near the border of Ukraine. On this move, Western countries are warning him and alleging that he intends to attack Ukraine. However, Russia has repeatedly denied that it has any plans to attack Ukraine.

However, quoting sources, it is still being told that Russia can attack Ukraine in just a few hours. According to the report, Russia can attack Ukraine at 1 pm local time (5.30 pm Indian time). Before the attack on Ukraine, Russia has intensified its preparations. The Russian army has started military exercises. If the reports are to be believed, then the first city to be targeted by Russia will be Mariapol. This city is just 48 km away from Russia. Russia has gathered around 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border. On the other hand, Russian Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov said that we will not attack unless we are provoked to do so. He said, if Ukrainians attack against Russia, we will also counterattack.

Russia announced the withdrawal of some of its troops

Earlier on Tuesday, Russia said that some troops taking part in military exercises have started returning to their military base. However, Russia did not give details of the withdrawal, raising hopes that Russia may not have plans to attack Ukraine. It is not yet clear from where and how many of the troops that the Russian Defense Ministry has said to return. The announcement came after the Russian foreign minister’s statement indicated that his country was ready to continue talks on the security issues that led to the Ukraine crisis.

Changes seen in Russia after tensions arose

This change in Russia’s stance was seen weeks after tensions erupted. However, Western officials still continue to warn that Russia could attack Ukraine at any moment and is moving military equipment to the border. Some are telling Wednesday the day of the possible attack. Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels said, “So far we have not seen any tension on the ground, nor have we seen any reduction in the presence of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.”

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