US Shooting: 22-year-old boy creates ruckus in Freedom Day parade, children and old people rain bullets on everyone, after all, who is Robert Cremo?

Robert Cremo, who shot at the Freedom Day Parade in America

Image Credit source: AFP

US Shooting Suspect Robert Crimo: A 22-year-old boy has opened fire on the occasion of Freedom Day in the city of Chicago, USA. After which the police arrested him.

Freedom Day in America (US Freedom Day ShootingThe 22-year-old suspect, who killed 6 people by firing in the parade, has been arrested by the police. The incident is from Highland Park in the city of Chicago. The suspect has been identified as Robert Cremo. After conducting a search operation in Highland Park, Illinois, after the incident, police found Cremo (Robert Crimo) is caught. It is being told that the suspect has fired from the roof of a building. Witnesses told that the atmosphere of happiness suddenly turned into sorrow. They saw blood-soaked bodies covered with blankets and hundreds of people fled for their lives.

The Sun-Times has reported that the parade started at around 10 am, but was stopped after 10 minutes as soon as the firing took place. Emergency officials said about two dozen people were injured in the shootings. These also include children. The condition of some of them remains critical. As a North Chicago police officer spotted Cream around 6:30 p.m., he was arrested. Police told that the cream is ‘person of interest’. He has been taken to the Highland Park Police Department for questioning.

FBI gave important information

The FBIA had earlier released information on Monday evening, saying that it could be that the Crimea still has weapons and is dangerous. An announcement was made to reward those who helped for the same arrest. Intelligence agency says that Cream is a lean slender boy, whose weight is 54 years. Its length is 5 feet 11 inches. He has many tattoos on his body. He has got a tattoo done on his cheeks. Tattoo with red roses and green leaves on the neck and cursive written on the left eyebrow. According to the FBI, Cream has links with Rockford, DeKalb and Elgin.

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