US Shooting: Firing again in America, gunman creates ‘terror’ in hospital, four people including attacker killed

Police at the scene after the firing

Image Credit source: Twitter

Shooting in US Oklahoma: White House officials have said that President Joe Biden has been informed of the shooting in Oklahoma.

America (USAccording to local time, a shooting incident occurred on Wednesday at a hospital complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma state. Four people, including a gunman, were killed and several others were injured in the attack. The Tulsa Police Department tweeted, “Officers are still working to clear the St. Francis Hospital campus. Captain Richard Meulenberg told ABC News that police had seen a man with a rifle on the second floor of a building on the medical campus. But soon firing started here.

Meulenberg said that until the officers reached there after getting information about the incident. By then many people had been shot there. A couple also died at the scene. Police told in a news conference that the attacker has been killed. Meulenberg said police teams were going through several floors to clear the building and evacuate the victims. There are hundreds of rooms here, in which hundreds of people are present. Police said that space has been made for the victim’s family members and friends at Memorial High School, where people evacuated from the hospital have been taken.

Information about the firing given to the President

White House officials have said that President Joe Biden has been informed of the shooting in Oklahoma. The White House is keeping a close watch on the developments. State and local authorities have been assured of help. The ATF Dallas Field Division said on Twitter that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is also assisting at the scene. The thing to note here is that the incidents of firing in America are not taking the name of stopping. Incidents of firing are coming to the fore in different cities of the country. Earlier, the incident of firing had also come to light in Texas.

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What did the eyewitnesses say?

A nurse named Debra Proctor told that she was present in another building of the hospital premises. At the same time, the sound of police sirens started coming. He told that when I looked outside, the police were present all around. The proctor told that it was a very frightening scene. Police vehicles and officers were present all around. Tulsa resident Kellyanne Davis told that she was stuck in traffic at five o’clock in the evening local time, when she saw several police vehicles passing by. He said that the police had rifles in their hands and they were running, only then I felt that there was firing again.