US: Two American doctors of Indian origin facing bribery charges, will now pay a fine of $ 37.5 million

Two American doctors of Indian origin and Prime Healthcare Services, one of the largest hospital chains in the US, have agreed to pay around $37.5 million to settle allegations of bribery to refer patients. . This information was given by the Department of Justice on Wednesday.

The department said the settlement was reached on allegations that Prime Healthcare Services overpaid California cardiologist Dr. Shiva Arunsalaam and his surgery center because the company wanted him to refer patients to its Desert Valley Hospital in California. do it.

Three parts of the fine under the agreement

In a press release on Tuesday, the United States and California have signed an agreement with Prime Healthcare Services to settle a case of alleged violations of the False Claims Act and the California False Claims Act based on a bribe Prime paid to Dr. Arunsalaam to refer patients. The founders have tied up with Dr. Prem Reddy and Dr. Arunsalaam.

The Justice Department said that under the agreement, Dr. Arunsalaam would pay $2 million, while Dr. Reddy would pay $1.7 million and Prime would pay $33.7 million. Earlier, Indian-American Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy had told on Friday that he has lost 10 members of his family both in America and India due to Kovid-19.

Indian-American Surgeon’s Grief

Murthy, who held the post of US Surgeon General for the second time, made this statement in a press conference at the White House while appealing to the people to apply the anti-Covid-19 vaccine. He made the statement at a time when many people in America are shying away from getting the vaccine. Murthy said, ‘Personally, it is very sad for me to know that every death due to Kovid-19 that we are seeing now could have been prevented. I am saying this because of the loss of 10 members of my family due to Kovid-19 and every day I think that I wish they had got a chance to get the vaccine.

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