US: US Airlines customer care put the call on hold for 4 hours, troubled passengers went straight to the airport to book tickets

American Airlines

Passenger Brian said that American Airlines should have a callback facility because their line is often busy, due to which we cannot contact them.

Flight ticket booking is usually done online. But ticket booking (Flight Tickets Book) about a American Airlines ,American AirlinesThe experience of the passenger of ) was very bad. This is because when his ticket was not booked through online medium and through customer care, the passenger went straight to the airport. Actually, Brian Driver, a radio station manager, had come to Denver, Colorado two days ago for his business trip. After the completion of professional work, he wanted to book flight tickets again and go back to his city. However, the bottlenecks in ticket booking forced him to go to the airport.

According to the Wall Street Journal, on June 16, Brian tried to change the flight by visiting the airline’s website. Although he could not do so. After this, the driver ran towards the second option and tried to book the ticket from the mobile app of American Airlines, but he could not book the ticket from the app also. In such a situation, Brian slowly started losing passion. After that move towards the third option. He contacted an agent via message, who rebooked his flight. However, he could not change the seat.

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Disappointed, turned to the airport

According to the Independent, all this happened at a time when American Airlines had either canceled more than 10,000 flights or were flying late. Brian said that there should be a callback facility in America Airlines because their line is often busy, due to which we cannot contact them. The driver called the airline again the next day and his call was on hold for about three hours and 45 minutes. After being disappointed with all this, he decided to move to Denver International Airport. Brian reached the airport after 45 minutes, where he talked to American Airlines staff. The airline made changes to the ticket according to Brian. After which his problem could be solved.