US Visa for Indian Students: It will be easy for Indian students to go to America, they will not have to give interview for visa

Visa application will be easy for Indian student

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US Student Visa: The interview round has now been abolished for students who have already obtained US visa.

US Embassy (US Embassy) is taking a number of steps to make visa application easier for Indian students. US Embassy in charge Patricia Lasina (Patricia Lacina) said that one of the steps in this is to eliminate the interview round for students who previously had US visas. Student Visa Day (Student Visa DayThis announcement was made on the occasion of “The United States deeply values ​​international students and their rich contributions to our academic institution, campus and community,” Lasina said. As India, it is very special. In fact, Indian students are the second largest group of international students in the US.

The embassy in-charge said, “Student movement and people-to-people engagement have been the cornerstone of US-India relations for the past 75 years. This continues even today. The biggest proof of the academic exchange is how the US mission in India continues to prioritize students for visa interviews. He said, “People working in our Consulate General are working diligently interviewing student visa applicants across India. Even after the Kovid-19 epidemic, the US mission in India issued more student visas in 2021 than ever before.

Interview can be avoided by using drop box service

Patricia Lasina said, ‘This year also we are expecting a record number of students. We have opened tens of thousands of visa appointments and have also expanded the option to exempt students from interviews. He said, ‘According to the new visa guidelines, students who already have a US visa. They can use the drop box service to bypass the in-person interview and then apply. This is one of the steps we are going to take.

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More than 3000 students will be interviewed

The Minister of Consular Affairs in India, Counselor Don Heflin, also spoke to the media about the positive response to the number of student applications this year. “We will be interviewing more applicants for student visas this year than ever before,” he said. We hope to surpass last year’s record of 62,000 visa issuances to Indian students. We will be interviewing over 3000 students in consulates in India today. Interviews will also be conducted for 1300 students in Delhi, 1300 students in Mumbai and three other consulates. In this way the number 300 will be crossed.