Users can now send messages to themselves, easy to store links and media files

WhatsApp’s ‘Message Yourself’ feature is rolling out globally. The app will now let you send yourself a text to store messages and files. Many users around the world use WhatsApp chats to make quick notes or reminders, or to store important information. Till now, users used to use alternative solutions to send messages to themselves, or WhatsApp to other phone numbers, but now with the introduction of the new feature, users will be able to easily send messages from their WhatsApp account to their same number. This feature has been named Message Yourself.

TechCrunch’s one Report According to reports, the Meta-owned messaging app has started rolling out the feature with the ability to message itself. The ‘Message Yourself’ feature is similar to sending a text to another user, except the messages will be in a separate chat on your phone.

Thanks to this feature, users will see a separate chat box with “(You)” written next to their name. Users will be able to do things like keep notes, shopping lists, reminders, store bookmarks, etc. comfortably. You will also be able to forward messages from other users to this chat box.

You can tap on the New chat button from the WhatsApp home screen and select your name. Once you tap on it, you will be able to send text to yourself. If you’re in another app, you can also use the Share menu to send yourself files, photos, and other media.

WhatsApp says that the Message Yourself feature is rolling out now and will reportedly reach most Android and iOS users in the coming weeks. Users can download the latest version of the app on Android and iOS to use the Message Yourself feature.