Vadh review: Sanjay Mishra’s film ‘Vadh’ is full of suspense, must read the review before booking tickets

The film has been released in Vadh theatre. Read this review to see how this film made with two wonderful actors of the acting world

Sanjay Mishra’s film ‘Vadh’ is full of suspense

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Movie: Vadh

Cast: Sanjay Mishra, Neena Gupta, Saurabh Sachdeva

Director: Jaspal Singh Sandhu and Rajeev Barnwal

Genre : Suspense Thriller

Rating : ,1/2

Sanjay Mishra and Neena Gupta’s film ‘Vadh’ has been released in theatres. Made with two talented actors, directed by Jaspal Singh Sandhu and Rajeev Barnwal. This is a suspense thriller. This story of poor parents living in Madhya Pradesh Gwalior is full of twists and turns. So let’s have a look at the review of this movie.

Know what is the story

This is the story of a common middle class family, Sanjay Mishra is the head of the family shown in this film, playing the character of a very thin helpless old man, who is afraid of being killed by his own hands, a mouse Catches Tak and leaves him, does not kill him. Why this elderly couple Neena Gupta and Sanjay Mishra have to kill a person. The tagline of this film is ‘We have not killed but killed’.

Sanjay Mishra is playing the role of a retired teacher Shambhu Nath Mishra in this film. Who lives in Gwalior with his wife Manju Mishra (played by Neena Gupta). Shambhu Nath Mishra and Manju Mishra have a son. For whose studies he takes a loan from a person named Prajapati Pandey. This person is very bad-tempered. Which bothers this couple a lot. The son for whose education this couple had taken a loan, after standing on his own feet, the son himself refuses to take responsibility for them or to repay their loan. That’s why this couple has no option but to be humiliated again and again by Prajapati Pandey.

Fed up with the antics of Prajapati Pandey, this elderly couple is forced to take such a step, which will remind you of the Shraddha Walker murder case. A big challenge for the police in this film reminiscent of the Shraddha Walker murder case. Will she ever be able to track down the killer? Does anyone go to jail in this film? Now it will be a matter to be seen that who is killed and who is punished.

How is this film in terms of acting, both Sanjay Mishra and Neena Gupta have given excellent performances in it. Where Sanjay Mishra leaves his mark as a helpless, desperate and hopeless person, he remains strong even after the murder of his husband. Neena Gupta has been unmatched in the role of a standing woman. Saurabh Sachdeva plays the role of the son of an elderly couple in this film. Manav Vij has also done a great job in the role of a policeman. The acting of other actors is also commendable in this film.

why watch this movie

This is a great film for those who like a murder thriller film. The story of this film, the actors are all excellent. That’s why you can like the film a lot.

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why not watch the movie

If you guess an event in a suspense thriller murder film, and that guess turns out to be correct, then the thrill of the film ends. Something similar happens again and again in this film. That’s why this film starts getting boring at some places.