Vicky Kaushal Female Fan: Haven’t seen such madness anywhere, Vicky Kaushal’s female fan is haunted by the ghost of meeting the actor, got the groom waiting

In the insistence of meeting Vicky Kaushal, the groom was made to wait, the video of the bride went viral

Image Credit source: Instagram

Everyone is surprised to see the madness of this fan of Vicky Kaushal. In the insistence of meeting the actor, the bride made her groom wait for the rounds.

Those who made their own identity by giving all the superhit films in Bollywood Vicky Kaushal There is no shortage of fans of (Vicky Kaushal) in the whole world. Recently, a female fan of Vicky Kaushal made such a spectacle that her video became viral. Yes, Vicky Kaushal’s ghost got so hooked on the fan that he made his groom wait for him to meet the actor. Shocked, there is no doubt that Vicky’s charming personality is such that everyone becomes crazy about him. But, you have rarely seen such madness to make the groom wait in his own marriage. So let’s know that what must have been the reason that the bride made the groom wait for the rounds?

By the way, the fans of all the celebs are crazy about them. But everyone is surprised to see the madness of this fan of Vicky Kaushal. In this video you are going to meet a bride who refused her marriage in the hope of meeting Vicky Kaushal. This video is creating panic on social media.

As you can see in this video the bride standing in the wedding couple insists that she has to be photographed with her favorite actor Vicky Kaushal. So the poor groom had to wait a long time for the rounds outside his room. Everyone is giving their reaction after watching the video. In the hotel room, the bride is determined to meet the actor.

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