VIDEO: Death hit Indian player in CWG, two wheeler passed over his body

In the Commonwealth Games being played in Birmingham, India’s cyclist Meenakshi got injured and was taken out on a stretcher.

Tragic accident happened with Meenakshi. (PTI Photo)

A terrible accident has happened in the Commonwealth Games being played in Birmingham. An Indian player has been injured in this accident. India’s cyclist Meenakshi became a victim of an accident during the race. She was participating in a 10-km scratch run, but during this time she had an accident. A rival’s bicycle ran over him. Earlier on Sunday also there was an accident in the cycle race and the spectator was also injured.

In this accident, Meenakshi slipped after falling from the cycle and reached the edge of the track. Bryony Botha of New Zealand was also in the grip of the accident, as her bicycle came over Meenakshi. After this Botha also fell from her cycle. Immediately after the accident, doctors reached the spot and both the riders were removed from the competition. Meenakshi was taken from there on a stretcher.

another terrible accident

Apart from this, there was another terrible accident in a cycle race itself, in which cyclist Joe Truman was injured and was brought out on a wheelchair. Who collided with his rival driver and fell due to which he has suffered injuries.

accident happened before

The race also included Laura Kenny of England, who was leading at the time of the accident. Kenny won the gold medal in this event. A video of Meenakshi’s accident is going viral on social media. This is the second accident in two days at Lee Valley Velo Park here. Earlier, Matt Walls of England also fell from his bicycle during the event. He had got stitches. At the same time, Matt Bostok and Derek G of Canada were also taken to the hospital. However, these people had minor injuries. The accident happened in the men’s 15 km scratch race. This accident happened when the 10th lap of the race was going on.

Indian player narrowly saved

A spectator was injured in the accident that happened during the men’s race. He was later taken out in a wheelchair. Vishwajit Singh of India was also participating in this race. But he narrowly escaped from this accident. He was behind the injured players but hit the brakes at crucial times and he got injured.